My New Bamboo Bed

I read somewhere, someone said that we spend almost half our lives lying down, and that if there’s one thing we should spend on, it’s on a luxurious bed.

I read that, and went, “Huh. That makes sense.”

So after spending the last twenty plus years of my sleeping life on a single makeshift bed my dad made out of extra plywood lying around the house, I decided to up and get myself a REAL bed, with a PROPER head board, and large feet, and a roomy underneath. And yes, king sized! Hee!

It’s really pretty. It’s made of bamboo and glazed reddish honey. And so affordable, too. I commissioned it straight from the carpenter. I told him how I wanted it, and he took care of everything, material handling, delivery and all.

I should post a photo but I was so excited to use it I forgot to take one. And now it’s in the room with a mattress and all my stuff piled on top. It’s nice to sleep beside my laptop. :)


  1. Hey i feel even i want to own one now after reading your post man. It should be a great feeling to sleep on the Bamboo bed. I was thinking a lot on this for quite some time.
    Thanks for sharing..

  2. post pics fli! dream tamen se dimiyo king-size bed with a really soft mattress and a comforter. the one i have in zamboanga is also made of plywood with a very thin foam.

  3. You should go one further and get bamboo sheets. I’m serious! We got some a year or so ago and they are very comfortable.

    The seams don’t hold together as well as other sheets I’ve had, though.