True Blood in the Philippines

Yay! will finally make its way to the Philippines via HBO Asia’s Max Channel, on April 9 at 9pm.

This will be True Blood’s first showing in Asia, and if you cannot wait to see the entire series an agonizing week at a time, you can download the series from Mininova. (As I did, right after reading the books.)

If you’re a fan of , I am not sure you will like True Blood. There’s a lot more gore, sex and gritty reality to this vampire fantasy. But if you’re one very disappointed vampire fan (from the overhyped book, and the terrible movie), then give True Blood a shot.

I swear this is one case where I think the screen surpasses the novel. But, read the book first. You’ll be able to appreciate how Alan Ball, the director of True Blood, takes the book and transforms it so elegantly to the screen. The plot and story are perfectly intact, but nothing is spoonfed from the book, the series even examines some characters more closely than the books ever did. The actors fit their parts to a tee and can actually act (Anna Paquin won a Golden Globe for her performance), the shots, the scripts, the scenes are utterly amazing, and if the Southern Vampire Mysteries couldn’t get real enough, True Blood will certainly deliver all the grit, the gore and the glamour you can devour.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this show.


  1. April 9 huh!!!!Good we have HBO!!!
    haha.I would love reading the book first!! can i borrow yours?haha.just kiddin.