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Congrats, Doc!

Posted on 29 April 2009 by Flisha

I just wanted to give a shout out to my wonderful boyfriend, Gim, who is now a doctor. :-)

Dr. Gerardo Aniano C. Dimaguila was awarded his degree in medicine, from the Ateneo School of Medicine, on April 16, 2009 at the Garden Orchid Hotel in Zamboanga City.

He also got the Best Individual Research award.

He will be an intern for General Hospital for the next six months. Then he will be studying to get a Masters in Public Health, then for the boards. Then maybe he will choose a specialty like orthopedics or drug rehab. Then who knows what, but that it is certainly a bright future. :-)

Congratulations, Gim! :-)

Okay, you may ask why did I post a photo of him sitting down, exhausted, in my living room, and not one from his graduation ceremony?

Well, though I did bring a camera during his graduation, I was quite shy so I did not take any photos. His parents do have some photos in their camera but Gim hasn’t given them to me yet. And we did get photos from the “professional” photographers on the job, but I haven’t had them scanned yet.

(Oh and the photogs did a terrible job. So many blurred, dark, ruined photos! I wonder why they got hired???)

I know, I know, such procrastination! Tell me all about it.

I swear I will post them soon! :-)



Freebra Talk

Posted on 24 April 2009 by Flisha

Most of my time in Manila a few weeks ago was spent browsing shops in SM and Trinoma, looking for something nice to wear for Gim’s graduation. I ended up buying two dresses, one an off-shoulder knee-length bright green empire-cut dress, the other a dark gray halter gown.

Either way I needed a strapless bra. And the halter gown being a bit low-cut at the back, I asked what kind of bra I should buy to wear with a backless, strapless dress (just in case… lol). The very helpful sales lady from Landmark told me I should get the Freebra. So, I went to check it out. And it looks like this:

They look like implants!!! (And they feel real to the touch too! They are silicone.) The sales lady told me that they stick to the skin, so you don’t have to use any straps for extra support (though straps are included in the package). Feeling like such a naughty school girl, I bought a pair for Php500 ($11).

I ended up not wearing them for Gim’s graduation. I was too afraid the adhesive would fail. (The sales girl said to follow the Freebra instructions to the letter or they would not last me three months.) It would be deathly embarrassing if my boobs looked like they were melting halfway through the ceremony! Instead I wore my body shaper. And I think it worked better anyway. I needed the shaping help!

I wore the Freebra on a casual date with Gim, where if in case my fake implants started to fall off I could tell him to bring me home stat, Doc!

FYI, they held up real nice.

Just ask Gim.

Yes, that is him!!!

You didn’t think I would model it myself on my blog, did you???

You wouldn’t wanna see that, anyway.


He is going to kill me now.

* * * * *

P.S. Some Freebra tips:

  • Don’t use any chemicals on your body before wearing the Freebra. Make sure skin is clean, fresh, and free of dirt or even towel fuzz.
  • After use, wash right away with mild soap and let air-dry, then store back in box.
  • To wear, grasp the edges of the Freebra cup, turn it inside out, touch the middle of the Freebra to your nipple and then smoothen it against the breast, outwardly from nipple.
  • The farther apart the Freebra cups, the greater the cleavage achieved.
  • You can use the Freebra at least 100 times if taken well care of.

P.P.S. I love my Freebra. I will buy more when I get back to Manila. I hate wearing bras. And as much as possible I don’t wear a bra if I feel I can get away with it, hahaha. Now I don’t have to deal with the pesky straps. I am free!!!


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Astoria Regency Zamboanga

Posted on 19 April 2009 by Flisha

These days, when I think of Astoria Regency in Zamboanga City, I think of swimming. :) With my going back and forth Manila-Zamboanga, it’s been awhile since I was able to take a nice long dip in a swimming pool.

I miss those days. I am at a crossroad. Tomorrow I am supposed to return to Manila. (I just came back home for four days, to attend my boyfriend Gim’s graduation. He’s a doctor now! Photos of that soon.)

However, all I want to do is stay here, with him. Because he really makes me happy. Wish I could steal him away for a long long cruise, where we can forget all our troubles, drink and eat and be merry, and smile all the time. I want to just keep him and be with him for always.

But, the rainy days always come. And I have to give up being with him, again. I’m not sure for how long this time. I am at a crossroad.

I will just have to keep looking at photos of summer and happier times. And hope the rains pass quickly.



Blue Beach Park in Golf, Zamboanga

Posted on 15 April 2009 by Flisha

Easter Sunday, the day before I came back to Manila, Gim and I decided to visit Golf Beach, on a whim. Not to bathe; I don’t think I can ever bathe in less than white sand beaches (Dakak spoiled me). But rather just to enjoy the last few tendrils of sun. I don’t even have photos: it was much too dark.

After ten minutes of standing around near the water, we mounted Bastian (the bike) and left. But not before touring the entire beach, so we headed deeper into Golf.

At the end of the road, we saw this:

A new restaurant! What a surprise! And so pretty! Instantly I was saddened we hadn’t gone there earlier. It would have been a spectacular sunset.

Gim and I decided to have dinner there. It was very peaceful, we had the place to ourselves, as you can see in the photos below. I didn’t have a tripod so I had to set my camera on the table to get the photos (thus the awkward angles).

There wasn’t much beach, but there was a small park, and an exquisite tree parked on top of a hill, filled with sparkling lights. That was really the one thing that made the park beautiful, that tree.

Random aside: did you know that apricots came from Apricot trees? I thought they came from bushes! (It’s like how some people think pineapples come from trees, but don’t.)

I will return there, soon, to take more photos in better lighting. And in sunset! Oh I am so excited to return there on a sunset! These photos of mine do not do the tree justice.

Having the place to ourselves, Gim and I photowhored away. Much of it is blurry since we had to hold our breaths for ten seconds at least per photo. And one time, the waitress was coming with our food so I left my post midfreeze (that’s the one where I turned into a ghost).

The food was great! We ordered beef tapa with onions, it was so good, I loved it! We also ordered camaron rebosao (sugar roasted shrimp) but it was not available so we had to do with crispy shrimp, which was okay, not terrific. And of course, the requisite garlic rice (which was yum).

I apologize if the photos are a bit unfocused. We were too hungry to wait for the perfect take. :)

All in all, it was a very fun day. Gim and I had some heavy stuff to sort out so it was a good thing the place was clear of guests. We’re good now, though. :P

Here’s a bonus photo of the pretty tree. I tried my best to hold my breath while taking the photo, but it came out blurred anyway. Still you can see the potential. :)



Childhood Friends and 3rd Cup Zamboanga

Posted on 10 April 2009 by Flisha

My friend Donnel turned a year older on the second of April, but it wasn’t until last week that we were able to celebrate it with him. He treated my friends and I to lunch in Greenfield’s Mano-Mano, and after an hour or so we headed to the latest coffee shop in Zamboanga, 3rd Cup.

Here is the birthday boy with his girlfriend Leila. Aren’t they cute?

Jotie behind a set of legs. My camphone isn’t very smart at focusing on the subject.

Raquel, owner of aforementioned legs. She was fiddling with her phone as much as I was. 3rd Cup offers free wifi, you see.

Brian with what looks to be a Mac laptop. Except it’s a Mac sticker on an Acer. Hahaha.

And then there’s me. I’m way darker than normal, because of all the swimming. And way fatter because I’m home. Gahd this Zamboanga and all its overwhelming food.

Meeting up with my friends was fun, but sad as well because Chris wasn’t there. He was too busy working, that workaholic.

I finally realized why a lot of people come to 3rd cup. I was truly baffled the first time I came here, because the food sucked (and still does). It turns out that not only does 3rd cup have free (and fast) wifi, they also lend laptops at P25 per hour. What a steal!

I’m coming over a lot more often from now on! :)



Hello Kitty Online 3D Trailer!

Posted on 08 April 2009 by Flisha

Now we know why the return of Hello Kitty Online has been delayed so much. (There’s usually less than two months in between betas, but this time it’s almost three and there’s no word yet on when HKO is coming back.) Hello Kitty Online is coming back in full 3D mode! OMGGGGG!

The HKO team just released a 3D trailer for HKO and it looks candyliciously wonderful! Take a peek!

All the costumes look so pretty! I want a flying car too! And I miss my pet Treetop! :( :( :(

Wahhh! I want my Hello Kitty Online! When’s the next open beta????



Heidee Hangs Out in Astoria

Posted on 07 April 2009 by Flisha

My friend Heidee, who recently started working in Singapore, came home to Zamboanga about a week ago for a short visit. Of course, where should we hang out but my favorite new place to hang out, Astoria Regency!

It was high noon when we got to the hotel and it was sooo freakin’ hot. Maybe 36 degrees Celsius. Or worse. We had to order shakes ASAP. In fact, we each had two. I got corn shake, Gim had mango shake and Heids ordered what looks to be a watermelon shake. And then we ate lunch (calamares, lengua de baca and baked clams with garlic rice).

We were supposed to meet up with Jotie, Donnel, Brian and Chris. But they all had excuses reasons for not coming so it ended up just the three of us. (Just like old times, no, Heids? ^-^)

Here are some photos we took of that day. (Sorry for the low quality, I only brought a camphone. I no longer lug my camera around Zamboanga City for security reasons.)

 Heids and I

 Heids and Gim

The three of us trying our best to fit into the screen while Gim held my phone at arm’s length.

It was a mighty fun day. Heidee fed me the latest chika from her side of the class pool, and I fed Heidee the latest fibs from mine. Sorry about that, Heids! :)


Holy Week and Still Swimming

Posted on 07 April 2009 by Flisha

It was pretty quiet in Astoria Regency earlier today. Gim and I went early (about 2pm), we only had two hours to spare; he had graduation practice at 4pm. The pool was being cleaned too, so we were able to swim for only an hour.

It being Holy Week, there weren’t any guests in the hotel. The place was undergoing renovations. An emergency exit ladder was being built on the hotel wall, the bathrooms were being remodeled, and tents being moved and removed. The only thing lacking were moving trucks.

So we had the pool to ourselves, it was glorious. I was able to swim almost a whole lap! It feels great, being able to learn something new. :)

The day was beautiful too. A few clouds, a lot of sun, clean air. Wish it could always be this way.

By 4pm, though, families had started to arrive. Guess not even Holy Week can keep people away from the pool. :)

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Learning How to Swim Freestyle: Progress!

Posted on 04 April 2009 by Flisha

I started learning how to swim about two months back. Due to scheduling conflicts, my instructor was only able to see me once. He taught me how to relax in the water, using the “bubbles” technique. (He had me bob up and down the water, inhaling through my mouth when above water and exhaling through my nose when underwater.) He was also able to teach me how to paddle my legs, but I never got it perfect (he said I kept on bending my legs and my butt was always out of the water).

Anyways, I decided to learn on my own after that, with my boyfriend teaching me bits and pieces. We go swimming around once or twice a week, and so far I’ve learned how to use my arms to propel myself, freestyle. Currently I’m trying to learn how to turn and breathe while swimming and it’s been really frustrating, I can’t seem to do it right.

But yesterday I finally was able to lift my head out of water and breathe. Not everytime, but it made me really happy! So I just wanted to post a video of my swimming progress.

Hehe. I know, my technique is wonky. I’m hoping I can hire another instructor when I return back home for good in June. :)

Tips from experienced swimmers very much welcome! :)

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Automatically Twitter Your New Blog Posts

Posted on 04 April 2009 by Flisha

Just discovered a new way to use Twitter*: automatically posting a link to my every new blog post.

All you need is an RSS feed (like this) and an account in Twitterfeed. Log in, and click on create a new feed. Choose your destination as Twitter, enter your Twitter login details, and then your RSS feed URL.

You can set how often Twitterfeed checks for new blog posts (least being once a day, at most 5 times every 30 minutes). You can deactivate the service anytime.

Twitterfeed can also post to, custom laconica installations, HelloTxt and

Follow me on Twitter!

*Or annoy your Twitter followers, depending on how you look at it.



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