Astoria Regency Zamboanga

These days, when I think of Astoria Regency in City, I think of swimming. :) With my going back and forth -, it’s been awhile since I was able to take a nice long dip in a swimming pool.

I miss those days. I am at a crossroad. Tomorrow I am supposed to return to Manila. (I just came back home for four days, to attend my boyfriend Gim’s graduation. He’s a doctor now! Photos of that soon.)

However, all I want to do is stay here, with him. Because he really makes me happy. Wish I could steal him away for a long long cruise, where we can forget all our troubles, drink and eat and be merry, and smile all the time. I want to just keep him and be with him for always.

But, the rainy days always come. And I have to give up being with him, again. I’m not sure for how long this time. I am at a crossroad.

I will just have to keep looking at photos of summer and happier times. And hope the rains pass quickly.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I also enjoy my travelling. I enjoy to visit most famous places of the world.

  2. Went to this place too. I love the pool and the nature backdrop. THis place is really something