Childhood Friends and 3rd Cup Zamboanga

My friend Donnel turned a year older on the second of April, but it wasn’t until last week that we were able to celebrate it with him. He treated my friends and I to lunch in Greenfield’s Mano-Mano, and after an hour or so we headed to the latest coffee shop in , 3rd Cup.

Here is the birthday boy with his girlfriend Leila. Aren’t they cute?

Jotie behind a set of legs. My camphone isn’t very smart at focusing on the subject.

Raquel, owner of aforementioned legs. She was fiddling with her phone as much as I was. 3rd Cup offers free wifi, you see.

Brian with what looks to be a Mac laptop. Except it’s a Mac sticker on an Acer. Hahaha.

And then there’s me. I’m way darker than normal, because of all the swimming. And way fatter because I’m home. Gahd this Zamboanga and all its overwhelming .

Meeting up with my friends was fun, but sad as well because Chris wasn’t there. He was too busy working, that workaholic.

I finally realized why a lot of people come to 3rd cup. I was truly baffled the first time I came here, because the food sucked (and still does). It turns out that not only does 3rd cup have free (and fast) wifi, they also lend laptops at P25 per hour. What a steal!

I’m coming over a lot more often from now on! :)


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  2. Hi you are from Zamboanga pala. Quetal? We stayed 7 seven years there before coming back to my old home. Glad to meet another blogger-zamboangueno.

  3. Reyr – keeps me sane :)

    Dee – na true gad. genius idea gad.

    Rosilie – oh? nice to know another zamboangueno :)