Congrats, Doc!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my wonderful boyfriend, Gim, who is now a doctor. :-)

Dr. Gerardo Aniano C. Dimaguila was awarded his degree in medicine, from the Ateneo School of Medicine, on April 16, 2009 at the Garden Orchid Hotel in City.

He also got the Best Individual Research award.

He will be an intern for General Hospital for the next six months. Then he will be studying to get a Masters in Public Health, then for the boards. Then maybe he will choose a specialty like orthopedics or drug rehab. Then who knows what, but that it is certainly a bright future. :-)

Congratulations, Gim! :-)

Okay, you may ask why did I post a photo of him sitting down, exhausted, in my living room, and not one from his graduation ceremony?

Well, though I did bring a camera during his graduation, I was quite shy so I did not take any photos. His parents do have some photos in their camera but Gim hasn’t given them to me yet. And we did get photos from the “professional” photographers on the job, but I haven’t had them scanned yet.

(Oh and the photogs did a terrible job. So many blurred, dark, ruined photos! I wonder why they got hired???)

I know, I know, such procrastination! Tell me all about it.

I swear I will post them soon! :-)