Freebra Talk

Most of my time in a few weeks ago was spent browsing shops in SM and Trinoma, looking for something nice to wear for Gim’s graduation. I ended up buying two dresses, one an off-shoulder knee-length bright green empire-cut dress, the other a dark gray halter gown.

Either way I needed a strapless bra. And the halter gown being a bit low-cut at the back, I asked what kind of bra I should buy to wear with a backless, strapless dress (just in case… lol). The very helpful sales lady from Landmark told me I should get the Freebra. So, I went to check it out. And it looks like this:

They look like implants!!! (And they feel real to the touch too! They are silicone.) The sales lady told me that they stick to the skin, so you don’t have to use any straps for extra support (though straps are included in the package). Feeling like such a naughty school girl, I bought a pair for Php500 ($11).

I ended up not wearing them for Gim’s graduation. I was too afraid the adhesive would fail. (The sales girl said to follow the Freebra instructions to the letter or they would not last me three months.) It would be deathly embarrassing if my boobs looked like they were melting halfway through the ceremony! Instead I wore my body shaper. And I think it worked better anyway. I needed the shaping help!

I wore the Freebra on a casual date with Gim, where if in case my fake implants started to fall off I could tell him to bring me home stat, Doc!

FYI, they held up real nice.

Just ask Gim.

Yes, that is him!!!

You didn’t think I would model it myself on my blog, did you???

You wouldn’t wanna see that, anyway.


He is going to kill me now.

* * * * *

P.S. Some Freebra tips:

  • Don’t use any chemicals on your body before wearing the Freebra. Make sure skin is clean, fresh, and free of dirt or even towel fuzz.
  • After use, wash right away with mild soap and let air-dry, then store back in box.
  • To wear, grasp the edges of the Freebra cup, turn it inside out, touch the middle of the Freebra to your nipple and then smoothen it against the breast, outwardly from nipple.
  • The farther apart the Freebra cups, the greater the cleavage achieved.
  • You can use the Freebra at least 100 times if taken well care of.

P.P.S. I love my Freebra. I will buy more when I get back to Manila. I hate wearing bras. And as much as possible I don’t wear a bra if I feel I can get away with it, hahaha. Now I don’t have to deal with the pesky straps. I am free!!!


  1. bwahahahaha! poor gim.
    you know what, igual kita. i hate wearing bras tamen! and like you, i also try to not wear one when i think i can get away with it. and i did! twice i went bra-less in the office, and nobody noticed anything unusual. but when i told them about it after, they’ve never let me hear the end of it ya.
    i’ve also always been curious about the freebra but was also scared that it would fall off. so the nipple cover from bench is what i tried instead. :D

  2. yay! Caro man si neng!Ya Pwede iyo compra uno freebra pero na baclaran stall. price disuyo mga 150-200 lang! Hindi man ta kay ..lolz

  3. @Dee Nipple cover? Sounds like I need a pair for my swimsuit! How much?

    @DJTammy well faraway kasi el Baclaran hehe…

  4. I just bought the Freebra to try with my wedding dress…the salesgirl told me that the instructions in the box would tell me how to put them on. Fair enough, but I didn’t realise until I got home that the instructions are in Chinese! So I Googled “Freebra instructions” and found your blog. Thanks for the tips!