Learning How to Swim Freestyle: Progress!

I started learning how to swim about two months back. Due to scheduling conflicts, my instructor was only able to see me once. He taught me how to relax in the water, using the “bubbles” technique. (He had me bob up and down the water, inhaling through my mouth when above water and exhaling through my nose when underwater.) He was also able to teach me how to paddle my legs, but I never got it perfect (he said I kept on bending my legs and my butt was always out of the water).

Anyways, I decided to learn on my own after that, with my boyfriend teaching me bits and pieces. We go swimming around once or twice a week, and so far I’ve learned how to use my arms to propel myself, freestyle. Currently I’m trying to learn how to turn and breathe while swimming and it’s been really frustrating, I can’t seem to do it right.

But yesterday I finally was able to lift my head out of water and breathe. Not everytime, but it made me really happy! So I just wanted to post a video of my swimming progress.

Hehe. I know, my technique is wonky. I’m hoping I can hire another instructor when I return back home for good in June. :)

Tips from experienced swimmers very much welcome! :)

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  1. Good for you! And I love your cute photo over in your sidebar, of you in your swim gear :)

  2. it’s nice to know fellowblogger who is also from the philippines. i hope you can visit my site too,and we can be friends, i’m still new here i hope i can get some ideas from you…:D