Babies in Dead and Gone

Did you guys notice that there were a whole lot of baby announcements in Dead and Gone, the Sookie Book #10? Let’s do a count of all the pregnancies in DAG:

  1. Jason and Crystal’s unborn child, of course (who died along with Crystal on the crucifix)
  2. Claudine’s surprise fairy child with random fairy father (saddest death of them all, don’t you think?)
  3. Halleigh’s baby with Andy (the only one that survived DAG?)
  4. Tara’s child with Hoyt (oh right, another survivor)

Did I miss anyone?

If you noticed, all the supernatural babies got killed. By fairies. Because, apparently, fairies like to kill two birds with one stone. (Bad joke?) Eric mentioned that for fairies, killing pregnant women was doubly significant. (Er, well, of course, since there are two people involved.) So I suppose that’s why we saw a lot of unborn children in DAG. It was the fairy war, after all.

I just wish Claudine didn’t have to go and get pregnant. Maybe then she would have survived?