Best Things in Life are in Zamboanga

If you were the type to do it, you would have to colon cleanse yourself maybe once a day at least if you lived here.

Some Facebook friend of mine once said that it’s impossible to diet in this city. , I mean.

And it’s completely true, too. Why?

1. Zamboanga dishes are just divine. My mother cooks wonderful, face-stuffing paella. And I love the taste of gently-seasoned sotanghon. And Gim swears by the oregano-smelling, entrails-filled dinuguan. And the lechon, migod, buy it on an early Sunday morning fresh from Greenfields! And don’t forget the gulucinas, now!

2. And there’s every kind of fruit available! If you come here, you must taste the mangoes. They are the sweetiest, tartiest, juiciest mangoes in the world. And have you heard of mangosteen, rambutan, marang, lansones or sineguelas? If not, come here and find out! 

3. And best of all, everything is affordable. Cangreho and curacha cost only Php300 per kilo (or less). Mollusks and seashells are sold by the bucket. In , bananas are sold by the piece and in terribly expensive prices. Here, you can buy a sackful and it won’t break the bank. (Why you would, though, I would not know…)

I’m stuffing myself full of everything Zamboanga has to offer, because soon I will be far away again… :-(

But what about you? What do you love about your city? :-)