The Product of Being Alone

Since I got my own hosting, I’ve been having a lot of fun creating PHP scripts to make my life easier. I’ve been modifying/testing my scripts nonstop for 3 days now. Yes, yes, us programmers work like crazy so we can be lazy. Ironic, no?

Gim, by the way, is on hospital duty so he pretty much has no time for me AT ALL. He is there 24/7. So I am being productive on the web front. If I were to receive some sports gifts, maybe I could be productive on the physical front too. But I digress.

It wasn’t the easiest thing, either, . Have I mentioned I have no PHP experience? (Only AHK.) LOL. It’s a good thing PLs (or SLs) are pretty much the same once you get the hang of one. So I didn’t really have any problems, syntax-wise. And, so many tutorials on the webs, it’ll make your head spin!

The only part that got me going, Huh?, was regular expressions. Due to the nature of a script I was making, I needed to parse and remove certain parts of HTML code. In order to do that, I needed to tell my script what patterns it should be looking for. It wasn’t that easy.

I got it working, though, even with a limited understanding of how regular expressions work. My saving grace was this RegEx checker. Today, I checked Smashing Magazine and they had a tutorial on how to create regular expressions! A few days late, but very enlightening. (And a little creepy too, how’d they know I needed it?) Following that, I found a great website with cheat sheets for a lot of popular programming and scripting languages like CSS, HTML, PHP, Python, Ruby and MySQL. How useful!

So, a productive few days for me all in all. :-)

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  1. Ah… coding has never been fun, especially when you stuck. :(

    And for me, it’s still VB. I wish I could learn PHP that fast… It’s an important programming language nowadays.