Somebody, Spare Me From This Misery!

If you’ve been watching my Twitpic updates lately, you most probably have inferred that I am sick, and have been, for over a week now. Wishing I’m on vacation instead of letting my virus incubate in this little room of mine.

I’m suffering terribly. I’d call for room service, but my mother’s not gonna like that.

My bad, I didn’t listen to my own doctor.

It started out as a sore throat. I tried to ignore it, and took calamansi (citrus fruit) to ease the discomfort. Dr Gim wanted to give me meds, but I told him I didn’t want any. (I’m anti-drugs like that.) I insisted my immunity would win over the virus, or bacteria, or whatever it was inside me that put angry red welts at the back of my throat. He was frustrated, but was wary enough of my temper not to force pills down my throat. (I can be very violent sometimes.)

In the next few days the flu worsened. My nose started clogging up, and my lungs are probably filled with phlegm as well. I have headaches too. So. I finally let the doctor prescribe me some meds.

He gave me biogesic for my headache, erithromycin to stave off bacteria and delcogen for my cough. My temp is back to normal, no more headaches, feeling a little bit better but still sniffing and coughing like crazy.

He, on the other hand, took meds as soon as he started showing flu symptoms. And while I am still very sick, he is already recuperating.

Serves me right for not listening!