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Medical Pressures

Posted on 19 June 2009 by Flisha

Spent all morning trying to poo. Spent all afternoon trying to pee. I pride myself on performing well under pressure.

Apparently, I can’t expel bodily fluids on demand.


Yeah, so I am planning on taking a laxative tonight so I can finally hand over that stool sample for my medical exam.

And the medtech agreed to use the drops of pee I managed to squeeze out after three bottles of water and two hours. But not before laughing and making fun of my pee.

Yeah the whole clinic had a laugh.

And not 30 minutes later, on my way home I almost peed on myself. I had to stop and duck into a toilet and peed buckets.

I have never before in my life spent such an obscene amount of time in the toilet.

I have to go take a bath now.



New Moon Trailer

Posted on 01 June 2009 by Flisha

The New Moon teaser is here! New Moon is, by the way, the second novel in the Twilight saga. Like you didn’t know. :)

Looks good!

Oh my god the trailer looks sooo good! I am so excited! I don’t know who’s directing this thing but I am just glad it’s no longer Catherine Hardwicke because she really sucked at directing.

You guys might be thinking I’m not into Twilight from all the negative stuff I’ve said about it in comparison to Sookie and True Blood but really I love it the same as you! The stories were fantastic, it was just Stephenie Meyer’s telling that was unfortunate, and thus, made it so not a stellar experience.

Which is why I was so excited to watch Twilight, because I thought it would be a great movie. Unfortch, not. But this trailer looks surprisingly good! And not all greenish and monocolor like the first movie! There are actually red hues in there!! Yay for color!

And the make-up is soo much better! Did you notice Rob’s lipstick isn’t as bright red anymore? Lolololol! He looks so much hotter! Hee!

And speaking of hot, omigod, Taylor Lautner has bulked up! Oh I love his body. And I so love his skin color. :) :) :) And okay now I feel like a pervert for saying all those things, ‘coz he is only what, 15? Ugh, I am going to pretend he is older!

The only thing I didn’t like from the trailer was Bella’s acting when she said “Kiss Me”. Sooo unnatural and awkward. I cringed. She’s not a very good actress…

While the best thing was definitely the last, where Jacob springs to action and transforms into a wolf. W00t! Loves it! I am so looking forward to more wolves and more half-nekkidness. Er… heh.

And! How wonderful is it that the scenes are not cut straight out of the book? Like, Edward never throws Bella against the piano and causes her entire arm to bleed! And Bella never sees Jacob transform into a wolf in the forest. And Jacob doesn’t save her himself, it was him and his pack of wolves, and they were already in wolf form when they save Bella.

I love surprises! Bring it on! :D


Stephenie Meyer vs 4Chan

Posted on 01 June 2009 by Flisha

Hahahahaha! I love xkcd. It’s the best comic evar!

Full RSS too! And here’s the link to the comic.



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