Hello Kitty Online Philippines Registration

Online is now open for pre-registration in the Philippines, says the HKO website.

There is going to be a Founders’ Beta to be launched by Level Up! Games (publisher of the MMORPG games in the Philippines).

Hello Kitty Online remains to be the cutest MMORPG ever, and I will always be a fan. I’m registering to play HKO Philippines right now, because I want to play HKO however and whenever I can!

Still, I am very proud of my accomplishments in the HKO international version. I founded a guild called Vampire Kittens and I love my guildmates, they are all so great! I don’t want to lose my guild or my house or my farm or all my accessories in HKO so I really really really hope that Hello Kitty won’t retire the HKO international client but will still let us play from our country portals OR from the international portal. I sure will choose to play both! Hahaha!

Anyway, if you are a Hello Kitty fan like me, you can register for HKO Philippines here. And if you don’t know what Hello Kitty Online is yet, then watch the Hello Kitty Online trailer below.

Trust me, this is one MMORPG you are NOT going to regret playing! :)