Hello Kitty Online Malaysia and Singapore

The HKO commercial launch for the Southeast Asian market, specifically Malaysia and Singapore, began today, August 5. And since the international version has not opened since last February, most of the die-hard HKO founders (like me!), nonMalaysians, nonSingaporeans, or otherwise, all of us came to play and saw each other again in the HKO MY/SG client.

We’ve had to start all over again, but I don’t mind, since I love to play HKO in any way I can. Okay, I do mind. LOL. I miss all my gear and I hate the way it takes so long to kill a crab. But, it’s fun still. Fun meeting and talking with people from all over the world, with one passion, and that is playing Online! :-)

Here are some screenies from today’s event. You should click on the stills to best appreciate them, the compressed look garbles the shots. And you should check out the entire post, these screenies showcase what’s different in the HKO MY/SG version!

So that’s me, by the lake, gathering strange leaves from the dark opal basil. I’m all in green. That’s the new newbie garb! Meh, I think I prefer the old shirt and jeans look though. There’s a weird new lily on the lake too, that looks like it wasn’t there before. Why is it shaped like a paw?

Gone are the thin merchants of old, the new merchant is fat and jolly! What do you think? Do we approve? Mm, it will take some getting used to.

There is a new character in Sanrio Harbor! His name is Kappi and he likes surfboards!

Kappi’s task is to have you play a minigame not unlike Simon Says. I played it like 30 times before I got my reward. A nonsparkling, nontinkling necklace. Blah. Why don’t the necklaces sparkle anymore? :-(

The farm is now based in Florapolis! Great change I have to say! Now that it is in Flora, we get to farm much sooner and can make money faster! I love it! :-) Oh and you now get messages sent to your chat screen when your plants are about to die so you can rush in and save them. Cool huh!

Speaking of plants, that’s me in my simple basic farm that I didn’t have to pay for, waiting for my potatoes to grow.

There’s a new portal in Sanrio Harbor and it’s Tuxedo Sam’s own home! Yay! He gives a minigame where you have to fish. Except it’s a bit buggy because I only got to play once, and lost because I didn’t know the game rules yet, and he won’t let me play it again. Now I can’t finish his quest. Grrr….

At the end of the first day, GM Jam told us we’d have a “Meet the GMs” session where he’d give us a gift if we chatted with the GMs. Well, I was there the whole time and we ended up trying to make an HKO sign out of our avatars. It took a LOOONG time. And in the end, GM Jam said she’d give us our presents tomorrow. Wahhh! I don’t even know if I’ll be able to access HKO tomorrow! Urgh. (By the way, that’s me in the letter K, with the orange garb and blue hair. Ugly, I know. But I don’t have money to buy better stuff! Urgh I hate being new.)

Here’s my last screenie, with the names displayed over our avatars, so GM Jam can be reminded of all the people who participated in the event and deserve presents. LOL!


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