Facials are not only for women!

I was in last, last week visiting Fli when I heard that Pond’s was currently having a big beauty sale with up to 70% on selected items! I am a firm believer of facial skincare (I even once went out of my way to check out the best wrinkle cream available for my wrinkly, sun-burned skin I sustained snorkeling. Of course, my skin just healed and the wrinkles went away) and have been using the Pond’s clear solutions antibacterial facial scrub for three years now. But what I really wanted to try out are the Flawless white products. However, being a bit pricey and definitely out of my price range, I wasn’t able to do so yet. So imagine my joy when we stumbled upon a Pond’s booth in Landmark. I was sooo happy that without further thought and hesitation, I grabbed Fli’s hand and pulled her towards the booth. What follows is an awkward but funny conversation.

Pond’s Girl: (giving my pretty gf a big wide smile) Yes, ma’am, how can I help you?

Me: (giving an equally big wide smile) How much is the Flawless White Serum?

Pond’s Girl: (still looking at Fli) Well, ma’am, it’s normally at P435, but since we’re having a big beauty sale, I can give it to you for 30. Shall I wrap it up for you ma’am?

Fli: (looks at me) Um…well, Gim. It’s at P130. So, are you gonna get get it?

Me: (a bit miffed that the salesgirl insisted on talking to Fli and not me, but conversational still) So how do you use it? Do you leave it on, or do you wash it out afterwards?

Pond’s Girl: (glances hesitantly at me, starts to talk, then makes up her mind and starts instructing Fli) well, all you have to do is to massage the cream gently on your skin using a circular motion…(hesitates as Fli gestures surreptitiously at me. Understanding escapes her lips with an “oh!”. She then at last turns to me and starts giving directions).

At this point I am too miffed and embarassed to hear the rest of her salestalk, so I just pay for the product and hurriedly leave. We are a few feet away from the booth when, as if as an afterthought, the salesgirl calls out to me: ” Oh, and by the way, sir, you need to moisturize after using the whitening cream!” I race out of the store with Fli’s pealing laughter echoing closely behind.


  1. you should've seen the look on the saleslady's face when she found out it was me who was buying and not fli. hehe. but weird considering the number of men who pamper themselves and accessorize these days. I would've thought it would come as no surprise to her.