Like hot knife through butter

Today, I just performed an appendectomy.

*prolonged pause as the significance of this statement starts sinking in*

Omigod! I did my first appendectomy! I just can’t believe I finally did it! After weeks of excitement and preparation, I am now a surgeon… Well, not exactly a real surgeon yet. I still gots to pass the boards then apply for a residency program in either surgery or orthopedics. But still. steel buildings must start from small bricks and blocks, right?

But goddamn, did it feel good, being able to operate on someone. Even the blade in my hand felt right. It just cut through the appendix like hot knife through butter! Man. I’m gushing, I know. But I just can’t help it. I am just G-I-D-D-Y. Giddy with glee. Yeah. I feel on top of the world right now. Today was really great. I know tomorrow’s gonna be better. :)

PS Strangely, as I was busy taking out my patient’s appendix, the lyrics of King Kobra’s Iron Eagle kept running through my head. Thought I’d share it here.

Iron Eagle

I can do anything when i choose, got everything, but i got nothing to lose
Go anywhere from heaven to hell, i might find the devil, you can never tell

There’s a thousand hills and valleys, a million dams and streams
An ocean of eternity, between my hopes and dreams

Never say die, iron eagle
Nothing’s forever, now or ever
Never say die, iron eagle
Never look back, never say die

Don’t try and bring my soul to the ground, my spirit remembers old mountain magic sounds
Against all odds, i’ll come out on top, ’cause i never learned, the meaning of what meant stop

There are walls and there are bridges
But no problems when you’re free
An adventure past the horizon, always beckons me