Parental Silly-ness

Sometimes parents can be sooo protective of their kids. Even after they’ve had two. Or three. Or make that four. Wondering what I’m talking about? Case in point:

I was at ER duty the other day. I was in the middle of attending to a guy who got shot twice in the butt. He apparently made one of his drinking buddies the butt of his jokes. His buddy got so enraged he put two in our guy’s butt before he could even blink. Now that’s what you call apt. Hehe.

Anyways, as I was saying, aside from this guy, I had around four or five other patients lined up waiting for me to attend to them. Two had stab wounds in their arms and legs (a result of another brawl with Tanduay involved), another had had bruises over her face and a split lip (the result of having a thankless job as wifey to a gambler and drunkard), while another two were covered in grime, scrapes and missing teeth (haven’t they ever heard of the phrase ‘Don’t drink and drive’?). Suddenly a young woman rushed in carrying a child in her arms. She was frantic and wanted me to take a look at her baby- stat. She accidentally dropped a glass of water, she says. And while she was cleaning up the mess, the baby toddled over to where she was and Ccrrrunch! stepped on the pile of broken glass!

She was obviously bothered so I told her I’ll attend to her as soon as possible while I calmly finished up my work and sent the guy with the holes in his butt home. I then told all my other patients to wait while I took a look at the chubby, cute, little one year old, who smiled and gurgled at me with all the playfullness of a sprite. Now that’s odd for a baby who accordingly stepped on broken glass. I bent down and took a look at his right foot which was wrapped in wads of bandages. I carefully, gently unwrapped the bandages. And What do I find? a teeny, tiny scratch no larger than a grain of rice! The consternation must have shown on my face because the mother looked at me and smiled sheepishly, well it was bleeding a bit a while ago. I was just too flabbergasted to talk. So I wordlessly filled out a prescription for more bandages and reassured her that the ‘wound’ was nothing to worry about and went back to my other patients.