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Goodbye Geocities!

Posted on 27 October 2009 by Flisha

I created my first website in 1999. That was the year the Internet was introduced to me. The very same year I fell in love with the Internet. I poured my heart out online through static pages. I drafted my HTML through Notepad. I crafted my graphics through downloaded image tools.

The butterfly and the Medusanity mask were pastels on paper, scanned and edited for my Medusanity portal.

I’m so gonna miss this space, these memories. I wish someone could save Geocities. I wish I could. Not just this one. But all of it. All of the world’s first foray into online expression. All of the glitter and the blinking. All the tables and the marquees. All the memories.

Goodbye Geocities. Goodbye.

(Hear my heart break into tiny little frames.)

My First Website

My First Website



Hello Kitty Online: North Sparkling Terraces

Posted on 25 October 2009 by Flisha

Looking for piñatas, hmm they seem to be all here in North Sparkling Terraces! It’s a miracle I got here at all and didn’t get killed by the furious Firesnakes. I’m also hunting for that elusive Special Tools for the Hello Kitty birthday quest. Wonder where they are???

North Sparkling Terraces

North Sparkling Terraces

Here are the drops you can get in North Sparkling Terraces:

Golden Spore Tree
Spore Wood
Magical Glow
Bad Wood

Banana Kart
Spare Tire
Epic Banana

Tadpole Plant
Tiny Flowerbuds
Curved Root
Withered Leaves



Hello Kitty Online: South Sparkling Terraces

Posted on 25 October 2009 by Flisha

Now I’m doing the Herbal Essences quest. Hello Kitty is so demanding! She wants 12 Fruit Nut, 10 Moonfruit and 15 Ginseng. So here I am sneaking into South Sparkling Terraces, trying my hardest to avoid the terribly strong monsters! Even with the help of my pet Bramtail, it’s hard.

South Sparkling Terraces

South Sparkling Terraces

Here are the drops you can get in South Sparkling Terraces:

Ginseng Blossom
Withered Roots

Shriveled Leaves
Small Splinters
Sweet Nut

Firesnake’s Heat
Firesnake’s Quickness

Fireon’s Courage
Fireon’s Treasure

Starbright Rock
Pink Shards
Pink Crystals

Wild Fern
Yellow Buds
Withered Roots
Withered Leaves
Fern Stern
Fragmented  Branch

Dwarf Polar
Crooked Stalks
Fan Leaf

Amethyst Rock
Purple Stone
Shiny Purple Stone



Hello Kitty Online: The Rainbow Plain

Posted on 25 October 2009 by Flisha

This is the Rainbow Plain in Hello Kitty Online, just outside of Paris.

The Rainbow Plain

The Rainbow Plain

Right now I am hunting for Magical Glow. I’m not sure where I can get it. I need to it make my Solar Pickaxe so I can mine Level 14 items. I’m completing Hello Kitty’s Birthday Quest but there are some high level items I can’t gather because I simply haven’t had time to complete all the quests yet. Grrr.

So anyway, hopefully some Magical Glow can come out of these Rainbow Trees. :)

Here are the drops you can get in the Rainbow Plain:

From the Candy Tree:
Candy Fruit
Withered Leaves
Candy Tree Branches
Fragmented Branch
Short Sticks

From the Rainbow Tree:
Bad Wood
Rainbow Wood
Rainbow Powder
Fragmented Branch

From the Komodo:
Komodo Lizard’s Fury


How to Pick a Lock

Posted on 21 October 2009 by Flisha

The Key of my mind...
Image by ul_Marga via Flickr

In the building where I live, you get someone to do it for you.

Coming home from work today, it was so frustrating. I realized upon reaching my condo unit that I had forgotten my keys inside! I called my roommate Christian, who always came home early to go to the gym, except he informed me he was currently out of town! (What a great roommate that makes me, huh.)

I called Jose, my other roommate, but I knew he often came home late, and alas, he said he’d be home by 8:30. It was only 6pm. Rare moment that I got to come home so early. (Normally, I finish work around 9 to 10pm.)

I didn’t want to wait around so I went and visited the admin office and asked if they could open my door. I had visions of a brawny security guard smashing down my door with his boots, or forcibly breaking open the doorknob. Something entertainingly disastrous and violent.

The secretary picked up the phone and called someone, after she heard my problem. She told me to talk to the person on the end of the line, to negotiate the cost. We haggled. Five hundred per lock was the first offer. I had two and simply could not spend that much. He relented and said five hundred for both locks. Relieved I had slashed 50% off the price, I agreed and put down the receiver. Then the secretary gave me this flat look like she thought I was a stupid, stupid tenant — then called the guy back and haggled it down to 400.

“Will he destroy my locks?” I asked sadly, thinking of how much it would cost me to replace all my locks. Waiting two hours for my roommate to arrive was starting to get a lot more attractive.

“No. We have the master lock,” she declared with a bland look on her face, like she had done this many times over. “He’ll be here in 10 minutes. Don’t fret, he has got a motorcycle.” How efficient, I thought, though a bit puzzled why they had to hire a third party. Must be a specialist.

And then a stupid bit later, miffed that they had a master key. So anybody could just come into my condo??? Although I was wont to say this publicly, as I was there asking them to break in. Wouldn’t I sound just so uppity.

The guy finally arrived, and we were escorted by security to my door. Whereupon he bent down on the floor, took out some pieces of wire and tin… and picked both my locks with ease, in under 10 minutes. Master lock, indeed. Dumbly, I handed him my money, he grinned widely and was escorted out by security.

Somehow I think I will have trouble sleeping tonight…


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Gawad Kalinga Bayong ng Kabuhayan

Posted on 21 October 2009 by Flisha

Zesto Wrappers

Zesto Wrappers

What can you do with leftover plastic wrappers, the wasteful by-products of an industrialized generation?

Burn them? Bury them? Throw them into space?

You’d be surprised. Zesto does none of these. Instead, Zesto Corporation donates all their (clean but) excess doy pack materials to Gawad Kalinga, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter and livelihood to financially-challenged Filipinos. In turn, GK produces beautifully woven bags from these donated scraps right in their local chapter in GK Sunshineville, BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City, Philippines.

Their product include woven handbags, laptop bags, lunch bags, envelope bags, purses, bed mats, coasters, table tops, place mats, picture frames, storage cases and more.

Last week, I and my fellow bloggers, in coordination with Nuffnang and sponsored by HSBC, got the chance to personally visit GK Sunshineville.

We met up at Starbucks Bonifacio High Street early Saturday, and rode a van towards GK Sunshineville. It was half an hour’s ride away from Makati, and upon getting there, we immediately saw the GKers hard at work weaving strips of doy pack, sewing up bags, making envelops and creating all sorts of wonderful knick knacks.

Project Director Bong Ragojos and the GK Beneficiaries

Project Director Bong Ragojos and the GK Beneficiaries

We met Brother Bong, the project director for the Gawad Kalinga Bayong ng Kabuhayan livelihood project. (Bayong in Filipino means large bag. Bayong ng kabuhayan means livelihood bags.)

He, with the help of his wife, voluntarily manages the Bayong project, as part of  his responsibilities towards Couples for Christ (CFC). The men and women of Gawad Kalinga Sunshineville choose to work for the Bayong project, as most of them are unemployed and with children.

I asked the women how many bags they produce in a day, and they said that on average, they could finish 5-7 each. They are paid about 7 pesos per bag they create. Each bag sells for about Php200-300. (But more when sold via retailers.)

Bayong ng Kabuhayan Samples

Bayong ng Kabuhayan Samples

Here are sampler bayongs from the Bayong project. Lovely, aren’t they? From afar, you can’t even see that they’re made out of Zesto materials.

The generic silver bags are Bayong’s best seller. They’re a hit locally. Interestingly, foreigners and Filipinos overseas prefer those that show the Zesto labels. I completely understand. Who wants to walk around carrying a bag that matches your buddy’s snack? However, a local product is certainly something unique abroad. :-)

I was enamored with the silver bag as well, but I’m not a fan of the handbag. I wanted a laptop bag, but the one they currently had on display had a black strap. I wanted the earthy brown strap they used for the other bags. They were only too happy to oblige, except that they couldn’t find a long enough strap to hold my laptop bag. :-( Aw. However, they said they could do it, I’d just have to follow up. GK Sunshineville, I’m holding you to your promise! ;-)

If you are interested in purchasing these bags, they do accept orders and even customizations. You can contact Mr. Bong Ragojos via mobile phone 63.2.9173907861/63.2.9196120202 or email him at

My thanks goes out to Nuffnang, especially Patty, for inviting us to this event, and Abby, for buying us lunch. Thanks to Gawad Kalinga as well for giving me a bag! (More on the next post!)

To see more photos of the trip, see the gallery below.


Happy Me!

Posted on 16 October 2009 by Gim

I just bought a watch!

It’s got a tide graph (a graph that tells if it’s high tide or low tide). And a moon graph (tells if it’s a full moon or a new moon) with a cool design that look like ellipticals. And even a compass.

*grins like silly*

I know it’s not the Breitling Chronomat B01. But its still pretty sleek. And at a much much affordable price (~$50). OK, fine, it’s not even a Rolex or a Breguet. It’s not even a Fossil. None of those all too expensive, all too fragile watches that could only be worn during parties. And even then, only during social events of great significance. Like the Oscars. And then you’d have to have a vault to keep it safe in.

No. For a lesser mortal such as me, I got myself a Casio. The maker of those very reliable, very affordable, very functional watches like the one I got. Here, have a look see.

*grins like silly again*


[Boyzone] Stephen Gately Dead

Posted on 11 October 2009 by Flisha

Wow. This is a such a shock.

I just read from Jezebel that Stephen Gately has died! And almost lost in a long list of the week’s random celeb news. He didn’t even get his own post. :(

If you don’t know, Stephen Gately was a member of the 90s boyband Boyzone. If you’re under the age of 25, you probably don’t know who the heck they were. But they were one of the first boybands, even before the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Code Red and whole slew of boys whose bands names have slipped me by. A long gone era. But not forgotten.

Especially not Stephen. He was the first of many boys I loved who turned out to be gay. Yes. I could see the signs. The high notes his shrilly voice could reach. His ultimate dream of singing in a Disney movie. (He got that. He sang Shooting Star, but I forget which movie.) But he was so cute with his bright blue eyes and cherry lips. I couldn’t help it. And in his interviews, he said he liked girls!!!

I joined the Boyzone fan club for him! And then when he came out and I heard he was shacking up with this other super cute guy from another defunct boyband (you know, the one that sang Boom, the moon and stars, lalala ok I forgot), my heart broke. And I wrote him a long long long letter telling him how I felt and sent it to his fanclub address and all I got was a thank you fax in return, but which I carefully kept in my wallet for months, because all five boys had signed it. Then one day I opened it again and the page was blank. Oh you, evil fax paper, you. I didn’t know fax paper did that. My heart broke again.

Sigh. I turned my affections to Ronan after that. Then he got married, and well, by that time I think I was into other boybands…

Oh, the times. The times.

Stephen was so young. Only 33. I’m sure he still had so many dreams left unfinished. And my heart can’t help but ache for the boy, whom once upon a time when I was very very young, I thought I knew and loved and wanted to marry.

Here’s to you Stephen. Thanks for the memories.


Update on the Hunger Games 2

Posted on 10 October 2009 by Gim

Omg. Waay kewl. As I turn the last page of the novel, I know it’s going to be another loong, frustrating wait till book 3. Just like the first novel, book 2 is raw and real. Filled with the kind of intensity that just definitely keeps you glued. You just can’t put it down. I found myself skipping work just to finish it. You’ll once again find yourself losing pounds at the intensity of the action (no need to go to that austin weight loss program).

Before I go on, a warning for those who plan to read the book, spoilers start here.

Book 2 picked up where the first one left off, with Katniss and Peeta about to start a victory tour of the districts. They’re already living in the victor’s village, a special part of District 12 where the district’s winners of the games are housed. They’re both wealthy beyond imagination, their families well provided for. For Katniss and Peeta though, the trouble is just starting to begin.

Just before Effie, Cinna and the rest of the prep team arrive, Katniss gets an unexpected visitor. The cruel, tyrannical and snake-eyed President Snow shows up unexpectedly in Katniss’ house. He gives Katniss an ominous message about how her final act in the hunger games came across as an act of mutiny. Now people in the districts are talking about an uprising and if Katniss doesn’t do her best to show the world that what she did was an act of love instead of rebelion, the president would kill off her family and Gale, her best friend/hidden love.

As Katniss tries her best to show the world of her inocent intentions, she also tries and succeeds in mending her relationship with Peeta. As the tour progresses, it is clear that the rebellion is no longer just talk. In district 11, home of her co-competitor Rue, a man is executed by the capitol peacekeepers as he starts to whistle a tune used by Katniss and Rue in the arena. District 8 starts to rebell, taking over key government positions. The Capitol respond by sending in more peacekeepers and locking down districts.

In a jarring move by the Capitol, Katniss and Peeta both find themselves in back in the arena, once again unwilling participants in the Hunger Games. As the Games begin, the rebellion also starts in earnest with even Cinna defying the president by symbolically turning Katniss into a mockingjay- the symbol of the rebellion.

As with the first novel, the action in the arena is fast paced and brutal. It featured vicious insects, a chemical fog that ate through clothing and flesh, blood rain, lightning strikes and more. The games end in a surprise twist that you just can’t see coming.

All in all, the Cathcing Fire is a must read.

PS I didn’t know how huge, Collins’ fan base was until I came across an article about it in Time Magazine by Lev Grossman after I wrote this. Apparently both Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer are huge fans.



Hello Kitty Online: The Prairie

Posted on 10 October 2009 by Flisha

Just showing you guys where I spend the little of my free time these days. :)

Hello Kitty Online, where else! :) Here you see I am at The Prairie and I am hunting gorillos for Landry! He’s an NPC. No he is not in the shot. Because the gorillos wouldn’t let me.

Here are the drops you can get in The Prairie:

From the Gorillo:
Gorillo’s Anger, Gorrillo’s Treasure, Gorillo’s Eyedrop

From the Giant Lily:
Pink Lily, Caterpillar, Roots

From the Rainbow Rock:
Purple Gem, Purple Crystal

From the Pink Kaolit Tree:
Sakura, Bad Wood, Roots

From the Pong-Pong:
Pong’s Eyedrop, Pong’s Treasure



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