Goodbye Geocities!

I created my first website in 1999. That was the year the Internet was introduced to me. The very same year I fell in love with the Internet. I poured my heart out online through static pages. I drafted my HTML through Notepad. I crafted my graphics through downloaded image tools.

The butterfly and the Medusanity mask were pastels on paper, scanned and edited for my Medusanity portal.

I’m so gonna miss this space, these memories. I wish someone could save Geocities. I wish I could. Not just this one. But all of it. All of the world’s first foray into online expression. All of the glitter and the blinking. All the tables and the marquees. All the memories.

Goodbye . Goodbye.

(Hear my heart break into tiny little frames.)

My First Website
My First Website


    1. I wish I had $4.95 every month to save that site. Hehehe. But I will be saving the files in my hard drive, and maybe I’ll give them a new home soon. :)