Happy Me!

I just bought a watch!

It’s got a tide graph (a graph that tells if it’s high tide or low tide). And a moon graph (tells if it’s a full moon or a new moon) with a cool design that look like ellipticals. And even a compass.

*grins like silly*

I know it’s not the Breitling Chronomat B01. But its still pretty sleek. And at a much much affordable price (~$50). OK, fine, it’s not even a Rolex or a Breguet. It’s not even a Fossil. None of those all too expensive, all too fragile watches that could only be worn during parties. And even then, only during social events of great significance. Like the Oscars. And then you’d have to have a vault to keep it safe in.

No. For a lesser mortal such as me, I got myself a Casio. The maker of those very reliable, very affordable, very functional watches like the one I got. Here, have a look see.

*grins like silly again*