Hello Kitty Online: North Sparkling Terraces

Looking for piñatas, hmm they seem to be all here in North Sparkling Terraces! It’s a miracle I got here at all and didn’t get killed by the furious Firesnakes. I’m also hunting for that elusive Special Tools for the birthday quest. Wonder where they are???

North Sparkling Terraces
North Sparkling Terraces

Here are the drops you can get in North Sparkling Terraces:

Golden Spore Tree
Spore Wood
Magical Glow
Bad Wood

Banana Kart
Spare Tire
Epic Banana

Tadpole Plant
Tiny Flowerbuds
Curved Root
Withered Leaves


  1. just wondering if you are trying to put up an HKO walkthrough/guide, i googled HKO quest guide and yours popped up.

    nice work! really helpful.