Hello Kitty Online: The Rainbow Plain

This is the Rainbow Plain in Online, just outside of Paris.

The Rainbow Plain
The Rainbow Plain

Right now I am hunting for Magical Glow. I’m not sure where I can get it. I need to it make my Solar Pickaxe so I can mine Level 14 items. I’m completing Hello Kitty’s Birthday Quest but there are some high level items I can’t gather because I simply haven’t had time to complete all the quests yet. Grrr.

So anyway, hopefully some Magical Glow can come out of these Rainbow Trees. :)

Here are the drops you can get in the Rainbow Plain:

From the Candy Tree:
Candy Fruit
Withered Leaves
Candy Tree Branches
Fragmented Branch
Short Sticks

From the Rainbow Tree:
Bad Wood
Rainbow Wood
Rainbow Powder
Fragmented Branch

From the Komodo:
Komodo Lizard’s Fury