Update on the Hunger Games 2

Omg. Waay kewl. As I turn the last page of the novel, I know it’s going to be another loong, frustrating wait till book 3. Just like the first novel, book 2 is raw and real. Filled with the kind of intensity that just definitely keeps you glued. You just can’t put it down. I found myself skipping work just to finish it. You’ll once again find yourself losing pounds at the intensity of the action (no need to go to that austin weight loss program).

Before I go on, a warning for those who plan to read the book, spoilers start here.

Book 2 picked up where the first one left off, with Katniss and Peeta about to start a victory tour of the districts. They’re already living in the victor’s village, a special part of District 12 where the district’s winners of the games are housed. They’re both wealthy beyond imagination, their families well provided for. For Katniss and Peeta though, the trouble is just starting to begin.

Just before Effie, Cinna and the rest of the prep team arrive, Katniss gets an unexpected visitor. The cruel, tyrannical and snake-eyed President Snow shows up unexpectedly in Katniss’ house. He gives Katniss an ominous message about how her final act in the hunger games came across as an act of mutiny. Now people in the districts are talking about an uprising and if Katniss doesn’t do her best to show the world that what she did was an act of love instead of rebelion, the president would kill off her family and Gale, her best friend/hidden love.

As Katniss tries her best to show the world of her inocent intentions, she also tries and succeeds in mending her relationship with Peeta. As the tour progresses, it is clear that the rebellion is no longer just talk. In district 11, home of her co-competitor Rue, a man is executed by the capitol peacekeepers as he starts to whistle a tune used by Katniss and Rue in the arena. District 8 starts to rebell, taking over key government positions. The Capitol respond by sending in more peacekeepers and locking down districts.

In a jarring move by the Capitol, Katniss and Peeta both find themselves in back in the arena, once again unwilling participants in the Hunger Games. As the Games begin, the rebellion also starts in earnest with even Cinna defying the president by symbolically turning Katniss into a mockingjay- the symbol of the rebellion.

As with the first novel, the action in the arena is fast paced and brutal. It featured vicious insects, a chemical fog that ate through clothing and flesh, blood rain, lightning strikes and more. The games end in a surprise twist that you just can’t see coming.

All in all, the Cathcing Fire is a must read.

PS I didn’t know how huge, Collins’ fan base was until I came across an article about it in Time Magazine by Lev Grossman after I wrote this. Apparently both Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer are huge fans.


  1. I love the Hunger Games and Catching Fire, I can't wait for book 3 and the movie. :D