How to know whether a guy likes you (like, really likes you)

Ever since college, I’ve been asked a lot of times by a lot of different women whether that guy in English who seems to throw quick, sweeping glances her way is interested in dating her. Or whether that dude in Physics who goes out of his way to help her with her books is just nice or whether its his way of saying “I like you”. From all these questions, it seems like women in general have a hard time reading men (and vice versa, but that’s for another post). So, due to popular demand, I’d like to give a guy’s take on the age old question; “How to know a guy likes a girl (in more ways than one)”.

1.) Talking. Talking. And talking some more.

Fli always accuses me of being tabi-an. That’s talkative in the Visayan dialect. And it’s true, I really am very talkative. Even more so when talking to someone I’m attracted to. Let me get straight to the point. When a guy likes something about a girl, be it her soft, almond eyes, or the way she smiles; he’d try desperately to keep her attention on him. And what better way to do that than by talking. Even if it means saying dumb things that don’t really mean much. Or by telling jokes that are uber corny.

Er, uh, I like the way the upper portion of your anterior trunk gently curves…

2.) Feigning disinterest

A common scenario at parties: A group of guys sit around a table conducting force recon (that’s guy speak for doing reconnaissance. In other words, checking out the ladies). Guy # 1: “Dude, that chick on my 11 o’clock is hot”. Guy # 2: “Don’t look at her too much, bro. Ignore her, so she doesn’t think you like her.” Guy # 1: “But why? I’m like totally into her”. Guy # 2: “Girls don’t like being ignored. Ignore her and wait for her competitive instincts to kick in. Then wait for her to come to you.” I don’t know who started this myth, but all my friends swear that it works.

3.) Compliments. Compliments. And more compliments.

“You’re looking pretty today.” “I like your the way you smile” or even “Red Horse ka ba? Ang lakas kasi ng tama mo.” When a guy doesn’t stop complimenting your looks, or the way you dress or notices the tiniest details about you, like that scar on your left eyebrow that’s almost always covered by your bangs, it’s quite obvious that the he likes you- a lot.

4.) Being uber nice

Baffled why he keeps offering to carry your bag even though all that’s in it is your kikay kit and a notebook? Or why he offers to pay for your share in a group-shared meal? Or why he keeps making libre during office outings? It just means one thing- he likes you. Again, this all goes back to the trying-desperately-to-keep-your-attention-on-him ploy. He’d do anything just to get you to talk to him again.

I’ve got this, I’ve got this, whoa….

5.) Being uber kulit

This is the exact opposite of being uber nice. Sometimes a guy will pick on you for no apparent reason. He’ll tease you, he’ll make you the butt of jokes, he’ll even start bugging you about questions that seem inappropriate. Sometimes, he’ll even go to the extent of linking you with someone else. I’ve got one word for this- Projection. Simply put, he likes you but doesn’t have the guts to tell you. So he teases you instead. Of course this only works when you’ve barely known each other before now. Like when you’ve been office mates for less than a year. When this happens and you’ve know each other for like 3-4 years, then it’s just gangyada plain and simple.

So that’s it. 5 ways to find out whether a guy likes you or not. So ladies, if you find a guy acting this way with you, then it could only mean one thing- he’s interested. If you are too, then go talk to him.

Happy dating! :)


  1. Who has a scar on her left eyebrow that’s almost always covered by bangs??? That’s not me!! Who’s that Gimmi!

    Ah oh and um. Thank you for the post!!! Heehee!

    Ay. How will you know if he is ‘feigning’ disinterest?! What if he really is ignoring you because in reality you barely exist to him?!? *wrings hands in the agony of not knowing*

  2. I knew you liked me Gim! When you bought me that whole week’s load in return for a few texts from my phone! And when you bought me that Milo in a cup and it was the first time I saw a stirrer and thought it was a defective straw and I tried to sip from it in vain. Hehehehe!

  3. And when you kept sitting beside me and tagging along EVERY-EFFING-WHERE I went. Hehe. You were such a little puppy. And that one time we split into different taxis and you looked so forlornly at our taxi and Joey was getting irritated with you for not boarding the other taxi HAHAHAHA!

    Memories :)

  4. no prob, bum. hehe. you’ll know he’s feigning when he totally as in totally ignores you even though you know he’s not mad at you and you didn’t do anything wrong to deserve that treatment. if you barely exist to him, he’ll nod at times when you meet or even occasionally talk to you but only when needed. because he’s not mad at you, just not interested. if he acts like he’s mad…he might be interested. am i making sense? it’s tricky i know, but perhaps i can explain it to you better the next time i’m there. hehe.

  5. Now that I think back, you never ignored me Gimmi… You only did #s 1, 3 and 4…

    Are you sure you’re giving me the right tips ?!?