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Bloody evening at the ER

Posted on 27 June 2010 by Gim

I’m writing this because until now, hours since everything happened, I’m still trying to make sense of it all (even while sitting in front of my notebook computer).

It all started roughly four hours ago. I was at the end of a 12-hour shift at the local ER when in comes a guy frantically screaming for help. He carried a child in his arms, a little girl, all bloodied and muddy. My first though was that she must have been hit by a vehicle. I half stood from my seat as some of my colleagues rushed to her aid. Being assigned in the internal medicine department and having patients of my own, I let my friends from the trauma department handle the little girl.

Not a second passed when in rushed the mother, hysterically screaming at the top of her lungs. This time, I left my patient and stood up to help (the guys from surgery already had their hands full trying to save the little girl’s life). By the time I got to the mother, she was on the floor wailing for us to save her daughter’s life.

As I helped her up I noticed something warm run down my fingers. I looked down to see blood coming from a gunshot wound on the mother’s left arm. That was when I noticed that her daughter (the little girl) was bleeding from a gunshot wound on her left chest. By this time, she was pale as a sheet of paper.

Between gasps, the mother told me that she was a teacher and was on her way home with her husband and two young children on their motorcycle when someone sprayed them with bullets from the side of the road. She doesn’t know where her husband is and what happened to her other child, a boy of about four.

Minutes later, the paramedics brought in her husband. He was bleeding profusely from a bullet wound on his neck and chest. We all rushed to help. I did CPR on the husband but blood kept spurting out of the holes in his body.

Despite our best efforts both little girl and husband died minutes after being brought in. Before she died, a single tear escaped from the little girl’s eyes. The four year old boy was found unhurt a little while later by the side of the road.  The reason for the killings? An ongoing family feud between two warring families.

As I sit here, my heart heavy due to the unnecessary loss  of life,  I realize that sometimes, things just don’t make sense. That sometimes, the best thing you can do is to not dwell upon it.


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Cherry Mobile Phones

Posted on 13 June 2010 by Flisha

Cherry Mobile is quite the breakout brand in mobile phones. It’s stylish, full-featured and best of all, inexpensive. It’s even dual-SIM. No wonder everybody’s been raving about it!

Below are the new dual SIM phones sold by Cherry Mobile.

Cherry M35 Integra (Php 5690)

Cherry Mobile Phones | Cherry M35 Integra

Cherry D50 Inertia (Php 3690)

Cherry Mobile Phones | Cherry D50 Inertia

Cherry D20 Life (Php 2990)

Cherry Mobile Phones | Cherry D20 Life

Cherry S11 Blade (Php 2690)

Cherry Mobile Phones | Cherry S11 Blade

Currently, Cherry Mobile is running the Dobleng Kasiyahan promo. That means you buy one, you take one! This runs from May 28 to July 18, 2010 so get your Cherry mobile phones now! :)

Cherry Mobile Combo Number One: P1 + P1 = P1790 (Save Php200)

Cherry Mobile Combo Number Two: P1 + 1602 = 1990 (Save Php200)

Cherry Mobile Combo Number Three: 1800 + 1800 = Php 2290 (Save Php290)

Cherry Mobile Combo Number Four: 1602 + D15 Dual SIM = Php 2990 (Save Php200)

Cherry Mobile’s cheapest phones are the Cherry Mobile P1 which is only Php999, and the Cherry Mobile D15, only Php1999. They also have QWERTY phones, such as the Cherry Mobile Q3 (Php2990) and the Cherry Mobile Q3i (Php2890). Both are dual SIM.

Cherry Mobile also has touch screen phones, and these are the Cherry Mobile T80 (Php6990), the Cherry Mobile G5 (Php6990) and the Cherry Mobile Eclipse (Php9999). Amazingly, Cherry Mobile even carries phones with analog TV! These are Cherry Mobile Q6 (Php4790), Cherry Mobile Q7 (Php5890), Cherry Mobile Q8 (Php5990), Cherry Mobile Q9 (Php5990) and Cherry Mobile G7 (Php4990).



Zamboanga also needs new restos!

Posted on 06 June 2010 by Gim

While we’re on the topic of what Zamboanga needs, I’d also like to point out that Zamboanga needs new restos too! Although there are a few exceptions (Mr. Bean’s at the Catribbo Complex, Patio Palmeras along Pasonanca road), most of the restos in the city are old, dilapidated, and with the worst service imaginable (with food spots like these, there’d be no need to browse through that diet pill review).

Again, take for instance Mang Inasal’s, where we had lunch yesterday (see previous post). OK, fine, it’s not actually a resto, more of a fastfood joint, but still- fastfoods are meant to be just that; fast and efficient at feeding hungry people impatient for food. Sadly, the reverse was true yesterday.

Mang Inasal’s was slow, with waiters deliberately ignoring their customers. There was a lack of everything- from water, to utensils and even paper napkins. Paper napkins! Every decent food joint should have at least a pile on each table! And pox on that unlimited rice promo! It is sooo freaking hard to get a refill and when we finally did, the rice was of poor quality- grainy with bits of pebbles and with the distinct smell of molds. What kind of service is that?

The Mang Inasal's here does NOT look like this

Needless to say, I’m not going back there ever again. And I’m sure to spread the word to other poor souls who may be fooled into thinking otherwise.



Zamboanga needs new malls-stat!

Posted on 06 June 2010 by Gim

Zamboanga badly needs new shopping centers. The city is literally growing; population-wise, the city grew from 500,000+ residents in 2001 to close to a million this year. That’s double the number of people nine years ago! No wonder the city’s streets are chaotic most of the time (pretty soon the heat, dust and sweat will give us all acne and then we’re going to need acne treatments).

Take yesterday for instance. Me and a couple of friends went off to have lunch after a grueling morning spent answering a pharmacology exam. We went to nearby Southway “Mall” for barbecue at Mang Inasal’s (a local resto that offers unlimited rice refills). When we got there, I was genuinely surprised at the throng of people milling about the sardine can- shaped “mall”.

Sardine-can is the best adjective to describe it. It is a cylindrical, narrow structure of four floors and packed with people from top to bottom. It was nauseating just being there. The smell of sweat, perfume, and food all mingled to form a pungent and unpleasant aroma that stuck to your clothes and made you feel haggard and tired.

A sweat shop made to look like a shopping center

Instead of making me feel refreshed and rested, that lunch all the more made me feel cranky, irritated, and disheveled. This city definitely needs more shopping centers. SM, Gaisano, Robinson’s; where fort art thou?


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Replace Treo Housing

Posted on 05 June 2010 by Flisha

Cracked your Palm Treo? That’s really too bad. But you can always replace it! Find a reliable place on the Internet where you can buy the housing, then get to tinkering!
Replace Treo Housing

Prepare your new Treo housing!

Now remove the stylus, your memcard, and your SIM card from your phone.
Replace Treo Housing

Then remove the battery.
Replace Treo Housing

With a screwdriver, remove all seven screws so you can pry your phone apart.
Replace Treo Housing

When the screws are gone, pull apart your phone.
Replace Treo Housing

Ready to transfer, yeah?
Replace Treo Housing

Disconnect the ribbon cable from the internal circuit board next.
Replace Treo Housing

Flip over the main board, and you will see the LCD screen and the keyboard. Remove the cable connecting the board to the LCD. The board is now all disconnected.
Replace Treo Housing

Now, remove the screws connecting the keypad to the cover.
Replace Treo Housing

Now you can replace the cover! Put the board into the new housing and reconnect the cables.
Replace Treo Housing

Transfer the speaker and LCD screen to the new unit. Put the two pieces together, and screw the back cover in place.
Replace Treo Housing

There you go! :)
Replace Treo Housing

If you are looking to replace the screen on your Treo, follow the instructions below.



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