Zamboanga also needs new restos!

While we’re on the topic of what needs, I’d also like to point out that needs new restos too! Although there are a few exceptions (Mr. Bean’s at the Catribbo Complex, Patio Palmeras along Pasonanca road), most of the restos in the city are old, dilapidated, and with the worst service imaginable (with spots like these, there’d be no need to browse through that diet pill review).

Again, take for instance Mang Inasal’s, where we had lunch yesterday (see previous post). OK, fine, it’s not actually a resto, more of a fastfood joint, but still- fastfoods are meant to be just that; fast and efficient at feeding hungry people impatient for food. Sadly, the reverse was true yesterday.

Mang Inasal’s was slow, with waiters deliberately ignoring their customers. There was a lack of everything- from water, to utensils and even paper napkins. Paper napkins! Every decent food joint should have at least a pile on each table! And pox on that unlimited rice promo! It is sooo freaking hard to get a refill and when we finally did, the rice was of poor quality- grainy with bits of pebbles and with the distinct smell of molds. What kind of service is that?

The Mang Inasal's here does NOT look like this

Needless to say, I’m not going back there ever again. And I’m sure to spread the word to other poor souls who may be fooled into thinking otherwise.


  1. wala ka talagang maasahan maganda sa mang inasal, never pa ako kumain dyan, kasi pag dumadaan ako parang napaka sikip ng lugar. kung sa labas ka naman kakain, tititigan ka lang ng mga nagdadaan, or baka hindi mo mamalayan, e nakikikain na pala yung mga bystander sa inyo. for me, a manilenyo living in zamboanga, the best place to eat is palmeras (pero minsan dapat mag advance order ka na rin kasi mabagal din) Lotus garden (astoria), aristocrat (never mind the smell and the bathroom, masarap pa rin ang pansit dito), yun lang ang madalas kong kainan.