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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

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[Korean Drama Watch] My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

Posted on 31 July 2010 by Flisha

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, also known as My Girlfriend is a Fox with Nine Tails, is a new Korean romcom and it looks pretty interesting. The characters are played by Lee Seung-gi and Shin Mina. Not too sure where the story is going, all I know is that it’s about a gumiho – a Korean mythical creature that is a beautiful fox with nine tails, which delivers books to the king, and eats human livers.

Didn’t I say it was interesting? Lol! :)

The posters are pretty cute too. The girl is all glam and striking, while the guy is all dorky and wimpy. Seems kind of a rarity in Korean dramas! The only one I can recall right now is Sassy Girl, which was quite the hit here in the Philippines. You see these dorks a lot in Filipino dramas / movies, though. And they usually get the girl, don’t they. Hmmm, what does that say about our culture?! (Macho men are a reflection of Korean society in general, Filipinos often view themselves as the underdog; they’re rich, we’re poor; okay this is boring let’s go back to the drama.)

None of us may understand what they’re saying in the trailer below, but it looks fun anyway so watch this video!

And look at all the promo posters! This Korean drama My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho begins August 11 on SBS.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho


Playful Kiss Korean Drama Photos

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Playful Kiss Korean Drama

Posted on 26 July 2010 by Flisha

Here come the first batch of photos from Playful Kiss, the latest cutesy Korean drama from MBC, which has started shooting. Need I remind you that this stars gorge Kim Hyun-joong? Are you sold, just like that? Ah, we’re too easy. :)

Playful Kiss Korean Drama Photos

The girl in the photo (if you noticed there was a girl, she’s so tiny I almost missed her) is Jung So-min, who’s playing Ha-ni, the not-so-bright girl who’s clearly head over heels for the handsome Seung-jo.

In these stills, the two are already living in the same house. While Ha-ni clings on to Seung-jo, the latter clearly has no care for the former, and even outrightly rejects her, to the dismay of Ha-ni.

Playful Kiss Korean Drama Photos

Playful Kiss Korean Drama Photos

Playful Kiss Korean Drama Photos

Mehhh. The girl is not cute enough. Or maybe it’s just because she is pouting so spoiled-ly here.

I wonder if Kim hyun-joong can play this role well. He looks really gorge when playing the tortured violin-playing white-suited soul, and looks amazingly cute when he’s being himself all smiley and funny in interviews, and sorely temptingly hot when rocking shirtless in a boyband. But… playing this guy who has no care in the world and is always looking sullen and meh, well… all I can say is… meh you too.

Truth is, when I caught the Taiwanese version of this on TV, I really couldn’t stand it. I always switched channels right away. Just because the girl was such an idiot, and the guy was so boring… but well, Korean dramas tend to be lighter and brighter, maybe they’ll find a way to make the characters more interesting. :)

Whatever, we’ll see soon enough!

Oh, and below is a Playful Kiss new pics gallery. The pics above + just a few more stolen pics I gathered from teh Internets. Enjoy! 

And… don’t forget to click on these hot photos of Kim Hyun-joong, just because! :)


Sweet Valley Confidential Ten Years Later

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Sweet Valley Confidential [Download]

Posted on 26 July 2010 by Flisha

Sweet Valley Confidential Ten Years LaterRemember Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield? Steven and Lila and Enid and Bruce and Todd and Jeffrey and… SWEET VALLEY HIGH?!? Remember? :)

If you do, I’d say you’re in your late twenties, or maybe even early thirties. You grew up in the 80’s, you’re a girl, you’re fantastically sensible like Elizabeth, and cute and fun like Jessica and you most probably owned/read all of the Sweet Valley series – Sweet Valley High, Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley Kids, Sweet Valley University and you probably even watched the short-lived series on TV starring Brittany and Cynthia Daniel. :)

Actually, I stopped reading around the time Sweet Valley University began… it just was never the same for me when Elizabeth left perfect handsome Jeffrey and took back selfish, arrogant and insufferable Todd. :(

Sweet Valley High brings back so many fond memories. :) I remember my elementary years in the library and discovering these amazing books. I used to max out the limit of books I could borrow in a day and I’d devour the stories at home. And when I realized the library had ran out of the later books, I’d save up all my allowance – AND I would even wash my dad’s car every morning for ten pesos a day just to get 50 at the end of the week. Then on the weekend my dad would bring me to Golden Bell – our local bookstore – and I’d buy one Sweet Valley High book. :) Those were the days when paperback novels cost only Php50.

It was the first time in my life I ever saved up to buy something. :) At the end of my high school years, I had shelves lined up with Sweet Valley High books. Later my sister Patricia would read them, then much later on my youngest sister Melisse. Now they’re all packed up in boxes and ready to be donated… I don’t know if my mom actually donated them already. But though it was really hard for me to part with them — especially my most favorite cover ever, the one with Jeffrey on the cover; or my most favorite book ever, the one with both Jess and Liz on the cover staring daggers at each other because they were fighting over the same boy Jeffrey (Jess, for Lila; Liz, for Enid) — I knew that it would be a travesty if the books lay gathering dust and weren’t enjoyed by other coming-of-age girlies.

Anyway, enough background. :) If you get me going on SVH, I never stop. :)

The point is – you thought SVH was over? You’re wrong. Because now there’s Sweet Valley Confidential! And guess, what?? The girls are all grown up just like us!!!

Fast forward ten years later (actually if they were to be honest, it’s definitely more like twelve, because they were 18 when I was 16, heh). They’re both 27 years old, single Liz is a hotshot reporter in NYC while Jess is a soon-to-be divorceé – and the girls are NOT talking to one another! Oooh, I wonder what sort of drama they’re up to now!

I’m definitely going to be watching out for this series! Though I hope it’s going to be a lot edgier. After all, we’re all adults now. :) And… don’t string us forever, Francine Pascal. Maybe a trilogy would be enough, yeah? ( I don’t think I’m up for another SVH collection, sorry.)

You can download the first chapter of Sweet Valley Confidential here and you can even follow the book on Twitter here.

Excited, excited! :) Comes out March 29, 2011. Mark your calendars! :) :) :)



Posted on 25 July 2010 by Gim

…is probably an understatement of how I’m feeling right now. I don’t think I’ve ever been scared, and I mean really scared until now. Of course I’ve been scared before. Lots of times. But never in that gut-wrenching, heart pounding, hand shaking kind of way that I felt just a little while ago. What made it worse was the fact that it wasn’t just my life that was threatened, it was my brother’s too. Let me start from the beginning.

Me and my brothers were on our way home a little past 8 pm a while ago. We were driving two motorcycles (I really wish I had a car. It would be safer and I could get that cheapest auto insurance network). I was driving one of them with my brother Ikee in the backseat and my other brother Gp, was driving the other motorcycle with my youngest brother, Gino who’s around 9 years old.

En route, Ikee asked me if we could drop off a package for his girlfriend before heading home. Since it was on the way, I agreed. As I turned into the drive leading to the girlfriend’s place, I suddenly remembered that Gp, who was tailing us behind, didn’t have any idea where we were headed. So I stopped at the entrance to the drive and looked back at the highway, waiting for him.

Just then, I saw someone on a motorcycle suddenly veer in our direction.  He stopped right behind us. Thinking I was blocking the entrance to the drive, I moved to the side of the road to let him pass. He didn’t. Instead, he moved his left hand to his waist, brushed the side of his coat around and flashed us a holstered handgun.

At that moment, a lot of thoughts coursed through my mind- first thought: what the hell? Followed by, oh shit! Then, this guy must be freakin drunk! Underneath all these were stark pictures of patients felled by guns that I attended to in the ER, god, I didn’t want to be one of them!

I instinctively adopted an appeasing tone-

Boss, pasensya na po. May inaantay lang po kame.

He pulled out his weapon. Anong ginagawa mo na nakaparada ka sa daan? Yung kasama mo kumakaway-kaway pa o (referring to my brother).

I really did not know what he was talking about. All I knew was that he was waving a fucking gun at us!

Pasensya po ulit may inaantay lang po kame. I tried again, this time extending my hands in the most non-threatening way I could.

Eh bigla kayong huminto at yung kasama mo kaway ng kaway. The same response.  And then it hit me- this guy thought we were staring at him! Given the spate of violence that has been erupting across the city, most of them perpetuated by goons on motorbikes, this guy must think that we were following him- threatening him even.

This time I replied; Boss ala po kaming masamang balak. May inaantay lang po talaga kami. He still didn’t seem convinced but he clipped the handgun back on his waist and told us- sa susunod wag nyong gagawin lang kung hindi… he trailed off gesturing to the gun he still held. And then he was gone.

It happened so fast that I barely could understand what just happened. My only thought being- we just narrowly avoided being shot! My mouth dry, I told Ikee to quickly drop off the package while we waited for Gp to show, as I didn’t want to risk hanging around in case that guy decided we were threats after all and came back to shoot us.

Thankfully, we all made it home alive.


Jung So-min Stars in Playful Kiss

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[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Stars Jung So-min

Posted on 18 July 2010 by Flisha

Jung So-min Stars in Playful KissPlayful Kiss is the Korean remake of the Taiwanese drama It Started With a Kiss (sequel They Kiss Again), which in turn, is based on the Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss (イタズラなKiss) by mangaka Kaoru Tada.

Last week, we found out that Kim Hyun-joong was to be cast as the male lead in Playful Kiss. Now, it is announced that the female lead will be played by newcomer Jung So-min.

Jung So-min currently plays the character Mo-nae in Bad Guy.

We’ll be seeing Playful Kiss on air by September 1. Can’t wait! :)


Cangrejo con gata de Alavar’s

Posted on 14 July 2010 by Gim

Most Zamboangueno’s will recognize this dish. Freshly steamed crab swimming in its own natural juices, soaked and drizzled with Alavar’s sauce (made from aligue or crab fat, garlic and ginger) and served with steaming garlic rice.

It’s uber good! And very very fattening and thus, it’s very very important to find diet pills that work. It’s a mouth watering putaje that is simple enough to prepare. Check these ingredients out:

1-2 kilos of fresh, still alive mud crabs

1 kilo of grated coconut

1/2 kilo of Alavar’s sauce (available at any Alavar’s take-out counter)

A handful of salt

A bulb of ginger

A bulb of garlic

1/2 cup water

Preparation: Extract the milk from the grated coconut by adding 1/2 cup of water to it, mixing it thoroughly, and squeezing the milk out. Place the extracted milk in a separate container and set aside.  Wash the crabs with fresh water to remove river/pond detritus and place them in a big kawa or karahay. Season with salt, crushed garlic and crushed ginger. Add extracted coconut milk and boil the crabs in it until it turns a delicious orange color. Add the Alavar’s sauce. Continue boiling until the sauce is thick and oily. Serve.

So there, an easy to do recipe of a family favorite. Bon appetit!


Damn, parking boy!

Posted on 14 July 2010 by Gim

For the life of me I still could not understand why some people feel the need to inconvenience other people by, say for instance, stealing a spark plug cap. A spark plug cap! That small piece of insulating rubber that bridges the gap between the spark plug and main alternator wire (Unlike most conventional two-wheeled scooters where the spark plug cap is hidden beneath the chassis, my motorcycle features a spark plug cap on the outside of the engine same as those four-wheelers used in atv racing).

Known locally as a kwako or gwaco, it’s inexpensive as loose change costing somewhere between Php25 ($0.50) to Php 60 ($1.00). It’s a crucial piece of motorcycle part, however. Without it, electricity cannot flow from the main alternator and into the spark plug. Without that spark, combustion does not occur, hence- a dead engine.

Seeing as it’s dirt cheap, I therefor could see no reason why anyone would want to steal one. But steal one they did- mine. Imagine my surprise and chagrin to find out that I had to wheel my bike to the safety of our school just because someone stole my kwako.

I’m suspecting the parking boy did it because earlier that evening, I did not want to park on the spot he indicated. I guess he just wanted to piss me off, so I made sure to not let my annoyance show. Instead, I calmly and with all the dignity I could muster pretended that it was not because of the kwako that I had to walk.

Lesson learned- never piss off the parking boy. Or better yet, never park in unscrupulous places to begin with.


Korean Drama Online Streaming Playful Kiss Episodes

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Online Streaming Playful Kiss Episodes

Posted on 11 July 2010 by Flisha

Playful Kiss is the Korean remake of the Taiwanese drama It Started With a Kiss (sequel They Kiss Again), which in turn, is based on the Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss (イタズラなKiss) by mangaka Kaoru Tada.

Korean Drama Online Streaming Playful Kiss Episodes

The story is about a not-so-bright high school girl who falls in love with Mr Perfect, the smart, sporty, talented and super-brainy senior who rejects her overtures. However, disaster strikes and she has to move in with Mr Perfect. This is the story of how they sort out their feelings for each other and soon enough fall in love.

The male lead is played by Kim Hyun-Joong, of Boys Over Flowers fame. The female lead is not yet cast, but contenders are Park Shin-hye, Han Seung-yeon, and Sulli. Playful Kiss is directed by Hwang In-roi.

This Korean drama is still in the casting stage, so there are no episodes to show. But for sure, once there are, I’ll be putting up the links. :)


Korean Drama Playful Kiss (Remake of It Started With a Kiss)

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[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Stars Kim Hyun-joong

Posted on 11 July 2010 by Flisha

Korean Drama Playful Kiss (Remake of It Started With a Kiss)Playful Kiss is the Korean remake of the Taiwanese drama It Started With a Kiss (sequel They Kiss Again), which in turn, is based on the Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss (イタズラなKiss) by mangaka Kaoru Tada.

The story is about a high school girl who likes a senior who is handsome, talented and aloof. She confesses to him through a love letter, but he rejects her. Fatefully, an earthquake destroys the home she shares with her father. Her father’s college friend offers them a hand, and they move in to live with him. Coincidentally, the son is the senior she is in love with. And the rest is – well, the drama. :-)

So, the latest news is that they’ve cast the male lead in Playul Kiss, and it’s gonna be… Kim Hyun-joong! Oh, you all know him. He last played the suffering soulful Yoon Ji Hoo in the Korean megahit Boys Over Flowers. He is also the lead vocalist of popular Korean boyband SS501.

If you’ve forgotten about him, let me show you a few pictures to refresh your memory.

Kim Hyun Joong Shirtless and With Muscles

Yum! And here is more. No need to thank me, girls. It’s my pleasure. :-)

Kim Hyun Joong Shirtless and With Muscles

Yeahhhh! :-)

Ji-hoo was my favorite character in BOF, just because he was sooo hot in his perfect white suits and violins. Hehehe. Acting-wise, I just hope he won’t be too emo. Ahhh, but it’s a kdrama, what do you expect?!

Okay, just a few more photos.

Kim Hyun Joong Shirtless and With Muscles

You’re welcome, you’re welcome! Hahaha.

Kim Hyun-joong will be playing the character of Baek Seung-jo, the perfect boy who has got the smarts, the talent, the looks, everything. The female character is Moon Ha-ni, who’s clumsy and dumb, but against all odds, will fall into a romantic relationship with Baek Seung-jo. Although Moon Ha-ni has yet to be cast, it seems it will either be Park Shin-hye, Han Seung-yeon, or Sulli.

Playful Kiss will be directed by Hwang In-roi, who previously directed Goong and Return of Iljimae.


Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Official Trailer

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Official Teaser (2010)

Posted on 05 July 2010 by Flisha

Here it is, the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows official trailer! Yay!!

Voldemort: Why do you live..?
Harry: Because I have something to live for!

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Official Trailer

Harry Potter… the boy who lived. Come to die…

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Official Trailer

Only I can live forever…

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Official Trailer

And the part in the trailer I liked the most is below. This looks like the protective barrier over Hogwarts – falling apart. Hogwarts is no longer safe!!

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Official Trailer

I cannot wait for November 19. Can you?!? :)

Shucks, Gim won’t be here on the 19th. Hmm. I hope there will still be a CebuPac or PAL sale for November, I want to watch this movie with him!

Oh, here is another version, with a few never-before-seen clips. This is from the Lego HP Collectors edition.



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