Krispy Kremes- No different than your average doughnut

I love doughnuts! Nothing beats a quiet afternoon in the graduate library with my books, a steaming mug of coffee and a half-dozen doughnuts (Bavarian and strawberry-filled). Fli once told me when I was this big *holds hands way apart* that I was made of doughnuts. Seriously. I am hooked to the stuff (just like I was once hooked at the sight of women in corsets– but that was a looong time ago in a far away place called puberty. Now of course I know that real women do not necessarily walk around in corsets). :/

So when someone gave Fli’s mom a box of Krispy Kremes, and I was asked to sample a piece or two- or three, no make that four *sheepish smile*. I was naturally delighted having heard a lot about them. Even Fli brags about the yumminess of Krispy Kremes (We make plans to pop into a store every time I visit her but it seems like we never get to do that. I guess when you have a bevy of restos at your feet, doughnuts suddenly become the least of your priorities).

So going back. I eagerly opened the box, and got the first piece. And…

Oooh! Look at all the colors!

I just have to say that…

You're very popular. Ergo, you must taste great!

they taste the same as any other doughnut!

Well, I guess they would taste the same, them being all doughnuts and all. But I guess I was expecting…more. Friends, classmates, and colleagues have all sworn an oath on the exquisite-ness of Krispy Kremes. And yet, I find it tastes just like doughnut. Why the bragging and swearing of oaths? Chalk this up to another case of brand mentality. :/


  1. Not el taste. More of the texture. Bien perfectly glazed kasi el KK. Baka after a few hours yan break down ya el sugar so hende ya le igual.