Selecta’s Pistachios and Cashew drizzled with Hot Choco Fudge!

Ice cream!

Everyone loves ice cream. And no, not on a hot sunny day as a way to cool off as some would suggest. As Fli says; “that just makes me thirsty”. On a hot, heat-stroke inducing day, I would rather have a really tall glass of Coke Zero or Pepsi Max with lots of ice. Or maybe a really ice cold bottle of my fave Sam Mig Light. Now that would be a nice cooling off strategy. Aaand I’m going off topic.

As I was saying, I love ice cream. But I love eating it when I’m relaxed and snuggled up under the sheets. When I’m chillin’ kum baga. Like right now. And there’s one flavor that I just can’t get over.

Selecta’s Pistachios and Cashew. But I don’t eat it right off. Oh no. It wouldn’t be complete without a liberal helping of Hershey’s hot chocolate syrup. To make it more decadent, I sometimes add crushed cashews. It’s just bliss. Flisha loves this concoction too. It’s a shame she isn’t here right now. Mmmmm…..