Gelato: Faith Restored

Seems like today’s a day for second chances. Another product that’s got a lot of people raving these days is gelato. A quick wiki search would tell you that geato is Italy’s regional variant of ice cream (come to think of it, being an ice cream man are one of those fun finance jobs). So in short, it’s Italian Ice cream. As with the KK’s, this ice cream suffered a downright negative on my palate.

I first tried gelato at Bangkok’s Siam Paragon. We were having dinner (Fli, me and our mutual friend Chu) when we decided to have dessert. Seeing a gelato stand nearby, we decided to try some. I got the Lemon flavor and…you guessed it- yeach! It tasted so bad (and was a bit expensive to boot at 150 Baht- around 220 Pesos or 5 USD) that I swore I’d stick to Fruits in Ice Cream.

So when Fli invited me to have some gelato at Gelatissimo’s at Makati’s Greenbelt 4, I was again somewhat leary. This time (to play it safe), I got my fave flavor- chocopeppermint. Needless to say, it was good. Faith in gelato restored. :)

Yummy Choco Peppermint! (Sorry for the low res- I'm using my cell cam)