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Random Realizations

Posted on 31 December 2010 by Flisha

I met up with an old friend a few days ago, and he mentioned to me he was renting his own apartment. It means he has his own room, his own kitchen, and nobody shares his bathroom faucets, nor refrigerator space, nor living room couch… So happy for him, and so envious of him too!!

I am currently sharing one with my college friends. And I’m a very private person, so it’s a bit hard for me. But I enjoy the privacy of my own room – so that’s good enough, for now at least.

The last year has been a lot of fun building up my independence. I used to be a very sentimental person, I kept scrapbooks and photo albums and memorabilia and diaries! But living away from home, I’ve realized that all I really need is a suitcase – which contains my identity papers, a few clothes, some footwear, my toiletries, my data… it’s really all I need. And it feels good to not be attached to anything. Things aren’t important, what’s important are the people you love – and I’ve kept those people close.

And I’ve also realized that I don’t have the patience to play nice with people I don’t really give a damn about. I think it’s making me more antisocial but, really, why put effort into being close with people when you know you’re being fake the whole time. I could attend a party and chug down beer that makes me want to puke, and make fake small talk and play nice and all that. But it’s just too useless, and I could spend my time more fruitfully, and I’m getting too old to care really.

So I just put more effort into being with the people I do like. Some of them I’ve lost touch with across the years – so I am grateful for the holidays, for a little reunion dinner, for a short time to reminisce. (A friend of mine said a few days ago to another friend, “I am happy to see you.” Just like that, and there wasn’t really much they could say, chalk that up to the years in between and no longer having that much in common. But still, the joy was there, and he was just happy to see the other person, that’s all. I felt the same way. I just wanted to SEE these people I missed so much.) There are some people you just really want to see and spend time with, it doesn’t really matter what you talk about. These are the people I want to focus on. And there are some people I really wish I could spend more time with – but some of them are out of the country – I guess the least I can do is keep in touch via email or social networks, though I do wish there could be more.

I’m rambling. But I guess the point is – in 2010, I started to lose attachment to things and be more independent and I started to care less and less about my behavior or people’s feelings. 2010 was about me. And that’s a good thing. :) Here is to 2011 and getting to know myself even better.

new beginning 2011



[Korean Drama Watch] Athena Episode 5

Posted on 30 December 2010 by Flisha



[Korean Drama Watch] It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl 괜찮아, 아빠 딸 Episode 9

Posted on 29 December 2010 by Flisha


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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 16

Posted on 28 December 2010 by Flisha

So this is it, the finale. The long and crazy (and oftentimes boring, I’m sorry to say) ride is finally over. Let’s hope our beloved Mu Gyul redeems himself, yeah?

Okay, so, wouldn’t you know, after Mu Gyul is done issuing the ultimatum, Jung In finally wakes up from his coma. Couldn’t he have woken up a tiny bit sooner so that we wouldn’t have to go through all this angst and just have a happy finale?? Jung In and Mary have a talk while Mu Gyul goes home and starts packing up Mary’s things.

Jung In and his dad also have a talk – he loves Mary. Therefore he wants Mary to be happy. Therefore, she should be freed to choose her own man. If she is forced to marry Jung In, she will never be happy. JI asks his dad to reconsider the marriage.

Mary goes home to Mu Gyul and they hug. Aw, that was a fast reconciliation. Well, the drama needs to wrap up, so consistency be gone!

Jung In calls Mu Gyul and asks to meet. During their meeting, Jung In tells Mu Gyul he will push through with the wedding, he wanted to tell him in person. Mu Gyul leaves, and Jung In says to himself, you will know why soon enough.

Mary messages Mu Gyul and asks for time. She needs to do something with Jung In. She asks Mu Gyul to trust her. Mu Gyul asks to meet her on the supposed wedding day at a certain time. Mary promises she will be there.

While Mu Gyul waits for Mary in the park, Mary is dressed as the bride. Jung In’s side is packed with guests, but Mary hardly has any. She hasn’t invited Mu Gyul or any of her friends. Seo Hyun is there and is confused, she calls one of Mu Gyul’s band members asking why they aren’t there. Turns out they didn’t know. The band goes to Mu Gyul and tells him about the wedding, and Mu Gyul is astounded. His band members egg him to go stop the wedding, and after giving over his guitar, starts running.

Mary starts the walk up the altar, on her dad’s arm. He cries as he turns Mary over to Jung In. Mu Gyul arrives and sees the two of them on the altar. He can’t believe his eyes – and just like that, he leaves. [Ugh, I really don’t like that Mu Gyul is so rash, he ran all this way and he just takes a glances and leaves again???]

At the part where the minister asks if Jung In will love Mary always, Jung In responds, after a while, with a yes. Then he says, But I can’t go through with this marriage. This marriage was a promise made by their parents, a long time ago. But Mary and Jung In can’t do this. Mary adds, We will choose whom we want to marry. She apologizes to her dad, and Jung In and Mary both walk out together.

Mary receives a call from her friends who are mad they weren’t informed about the wedding. They also tell her that Mu Gyul knows. Meanwhile, Mu Gyul is at his home and crying, not answering his phone when Mary calls.

Seo Hyun arrives to find Mu Gyul sleeping. She asks him if he is okay, and he tells her to go. She tells him if he had stayed, it would have been fun. She tells him what happened. They didn’t get married. Instead, they got divorced. At that news, Mu Gyul jumps out of bed to find Mary.

Jung In’s dad tells JI to never show up in front of him again. Jung In says that he did this so that his father would give up on Mary’s mother. Jung In tells his father he could not marry the daughter of the woman his father loved. Mary’s dad is within earshot and confronts JI’s dad. JI’s dad tries to explain, but Mary’s dad leaves. [Ugh, I hate that dad. Took him this long to realize, eh??]

Mu Gyul and Mary meet at the playground, and they hug. They go home, and Mu Gyul gives her a cat pendant. She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Jung In goes home to find that his father is disowning him, and even throwing him out of his house. Mary and Jung In meet, and Mary thanks him for everything he did for her.

Jung In is now homeless, and of course Mary can’t help but feel guilty. So she talks to Mu Gyul, and Jung In ends up staying temporarily at Mu Gyul’s. They all have a good time living together, even watching Mu Gyul’s shows on TV and eating kimchi. Wonderful Day (the drama) is also doing well, and gets a air date. The divorce between Mary and Jung In is finalized. All their friends gather and they have a party.

And all’s well that ends well.

Watch the episode below with Eng subs!



[Korean Drama Watch] Athena Episode 4

Posted on 28 December 2010 by Flisha


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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 15

Posted on 28 December 2010 by Flisha

Okay, so the last episode ended with Mu Gyul arriving to see Jung In hugging Mary from behind. Mary runs to Mu Gyul and explains that she was just there to settle things with Jung In. Mu Gyul is mad as expected, and walks away, and cries as he thinks of the hug.

Mary goes to Mu Gyul’s home and cries as she waits for him. When he gets home, she tells him she asked for a divorce from Jung In. He won’t listen to her, though. She says they should celebrate his birthday, since there isn’t much of it left. He yells at her to stop, and tells her he changed so much, and put up with so much, even changed his music, all for her, and yet there she is thinking of Jung In. She tells him it’s not true. He tells her to leave him alone. Mary cries and leaves. Alone, Mu Gyul looks at the things Mary prepared for him, and tears down her decorations.

Mu Gyul confronts Jung In and asks if he planned everything. He asks him if he loves Mary. Jung In explains that it was he who asked Mary to come, so not to misunderstand. He tries to talk about work, but Mu Gyul wants to quit (again).

Mu Gyul skips a show and Jung In angrily comes looking for him. Jung In asks him if he is quitting music. Then he tells Mu Gyul, You can’t do what you want and renege on your promises. I can’t give you to Mary, because you are not reliable or stable.

The rest of the episode is more of Seo Hyun getting mad at Mary for hurting Mu Gyul, Mary’s friends and Mu Gyul’s band trying to think of ways to get Mary and Mu Gyul back together, Mary trying to coax Mu Gyul into forgiving her…

Mary goes up up a mountain to cry and shout at Mu Gyul, Jung In ends up following her, the both of them get lost. Seo Hyun calls Mu Gyul and tells him the two haven’t returned yet, and it’s getting late and very cold, they could be in danger. While trying to find their way, Mary stumbles and Jung In grabs her and they fall, rolling down the hill. Jung In hits his head on a rock and bleeds. Mary yells for help.

Mu Gyul goes looking for Mary. He doesn’t want to regret this moment for the rest of his life. In the meantime, Mary is hugging Jung In to keep him warm and trying to wake him up. Mu Gyul finds them like this. They bring Jung In to the hospital, but it seems he is in a coma.

Seo Hyun and Mu Gyul talk. Seo Hyun explains the past, how Mu Gyul assumed she had a sponsor, how he never confirmed with her the truth and just assumed the worst. He shouldn’t do it again with Mary. Mu Gyul apologizes.

In the hospital, Mu Gyul and Mary talk. He asks her to choose between him and Jung In. Mary asks him if they can do this later, when Jung In is awake and okay. Right now she can’t leave him, because the accident was because of her. Mu Gyul says that if she doesn’t choose right now, in the end she won’t be able to leave Jung In. He issues an ultimatum. She stays silent. Mu Gyul says, Then this is your answer. He gets up and leaves, and Mary is left crying again.



[Korean Drama] Secret Garden 시크릿 Episode 14

Posted on 27 December 2010 by Flisha

Here is another great episode of Secret Garden.

We get the second switch! AND a public kiss! Whew, I am excited to watch this episode.

Here they are with English subs. :)

So, last episode, Ra Im crashed Joo Won’s party, right. (Courtesy of Oska.)

Joo Won notices that Ra Im has worn something nice and asks her – Were you dressed by a fairy godmother? When midnight falls, do you have to disappear? Ra Im counters, That depends on you. Joo Won insists on her answer, on why she is dressed so nicely for him. She says, I wanted to come in, but I couldn’t so I stayed outside. The fairy godmother visited me and told me to tell you that I came to see you. I promised your mother I would not see you anymore. But though my body resisted, my heart could not. I know our future is difficult, but rather than facing the difficulty of not seeing you, I would rather see you and face all difficulty. I came to see you, is my answer. However I cannot be your Little Mermaid. So you need to answer me. To you, even now, is a Little Mermaid all I can be?

A guy intercepts them and wants Joo Won to introduce him to Ra Im. Joo Won tells him to leave, as this woman is someone he would never meet on his own. This woman is amazing, she drives like a car racer, throws a punch when she sees someone being wronged. She has no money, her body is covered with bruises, she hates being in the company of people like us, she is that woman. I have never seen a more beautiful woman before. This is my answer.

Ra Im and Joo Won dance. He gives her a light kiss. She says, everyone is watching. He says, of course, since I just kissed a stuntwoman. In case there are some stockholders watching, they need to sell their shares right away because the department store owner has fallen in love and is probably going to ruin a major business deal. And then he kisses her again, slowly, in front of everyone.

In a later scene, Ra Im sees that Joo Won has decorated her home for Christmas. She is moved and Joo Won says, From now on, erase all your bad memories, just remember this one moment and sleep, eat, joke and live. He asks her what time Ah Young comes home, and she asks him why he wants to know that. He pretends to call Secretary Kim and tell him to keep Ah Young from coming home tonight. (Actually he already arranged for it directly with Ah Young earlier.) Ra Im yells that he is being crazy and she is truly embarrassed. Joo Won gets closer to her and asks, Why do you think I am acting like this? Ra Im moves backwards, saying, Are you really not backing off?? Joo Won is all, Why not? We are both adults… And Ra Im answers, Really! You – You better not come closer!! Joo Won then goes, Really what? What is it that I want to do? Then he grabs both her hands and tells her, This is what I want to do. Hold your hands like this. Why is it so hard to do this? And he pinches her cheeks. [Awww!]

Of course, Joo Won’s mother finds out about the party and the kiss. She gets Ah Young fired and Secretary Kim thinks it was done by Joo Won and gets mad at him.

Ra Im finds out about Ah Young getting fired by the mom and goes to the mom, only to be stopped by Joo Won, who tells her to consult with him first before confronting the mom – because he is the president, not his mom. Ra Im replies that it’s because this won’t be the last thing she does, it’s only the first. The next target might be the action school. Joo Won replies, that is why I need to be the one to resolve this, because I am the one chasing you, and telling everyone I like you. Leave it to me.

It rains and Joo Won gets upset because he left his car top open so he runs into the rain to save his car from getting wet. They switch bodies.

The mom arrives home. Joo Won (in Ra Im’s body) tells the mom: Instead of dealing with the person you have a problem with, you dealt with her friend, which is unfair. The mom replies, Is this the Olympics? You thought I would play fairly?

Joo Won (in Ra Im’s body) tells the mom that she is going to live together with Joo Won. She says she can’t break up with the son, because if so, Joo Won could die from lovesickness [LOL]. Furthermore, if you mess with us, we will go live abroad. Can you stand not seeing your son? Should I let it happen?

The mom is stunned and turns towards Ra Im (who is in Joo Won’s body). She yells, why are you doing nothing? What do you think of all this? And he replies, I think that person is right. I want to trust that person now.

Then the two of them leave.

When they get to Ra Im’s home, they try to figure out why they switch – what triggers it. They realize that it’s because of the rain. Ra Im looks up when the next rainfall is going to be – it is next week. Joo Won says in annoyance, “Ah! So until after a week, we can’t kiss??” (Because kissing Ra Im would be like kissing himself in their state of switched bodies.) Ra Im gestures like she is going to hit him. Joo Won checks the schedule and says with a grin, It is raining in New York, let us go there! Ra Im slyly replies, You want to go all the way to New York just for a kiss? How the heck were you able to resist all this time? And Joo Won says, Kim Sooroo, do you know the chant?

The rest of the episode is more of their family and friends getting confused over Ra Im and Joo Won’s actions, since they aren’t in their own bodies. Action School Director gets suspicious because Ra Im forgets it’s her father’s death anniversary. Oska is confused because Joo Won doesn’t know his own psychiatrist.

The episode ends with Action Director confronting Joo Won (in Ra Im’s body) and Oska confronting Ra Im (in Joo Won’s body).



[Korean Drama Watch] Athena Episode 3

Posted on 26 December 2010 by Flisha



[Korean Drama] Secret Garden 시크릿 Episode 13

Posted on 25 December 2010 by Flisha

Firstly, Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Secondly, right now I am at home, in my province, where our Internet is lagging so bad that I don’t think I can do a proper recap for the next few episodes. However, I will post the raw and subbed episodes whenever they’re available, least I can do. :)

For now, you can watch the long preview of Secret Garden episode 13, and I will update this post with a few key scenes tomorrow when I’m done downloading the episode.

LOL I love the second last scene. Joo Won compliments Ra Im by saying that her action skills have the scent of lavender. And she goes, WTF? And he’s all, Your presence is miraculous to me. And she just sneers and calls him a jerk. Hahah. Poor Joo Won.

And the last part, Joo Won wants to spend the night with Ra Im, and of course Ra Im won’t let him, and he reasons that two people need a scandalous incident to get close, so they should sleep together. Ra Im tricks him and locks him out, but Joo Won tricks her back by pretending that the Action Director is in the house, which makes Ra Im open her door. Joo Won pushes his way inside and forces them on the bed. OMG LOL I don’t know whether to feel excited or outraged!! I think Ra Im is confused too, since after a while we see her resigned to her state of being Joo Won’s stuffed toy, the way he’s all over her. And Joo Won, to still his desires starts reciting that long turtle name again. Hahaha!

Watch the episode with English subs below!

Happy Holidays, everyone! :)



[Korean Drama Watch] It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl 괜찮아, 아빠 딸 Episode 8

Posted on 25 December 2010 by Flisha



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