Porcelain Crown 2

So, I finally got the crown today! And wouldn’t you know, it feels just like the real thing. And so white, my other teeth look stained in comparison. Ugh. When I get enough moolah, I might just porcelain all my teeth!!! So I’ll look like a celebrity like Beyonce of Dereon fame or Hillary Duff of the rabbit-like veneers. *Cue Evil Laughter*

Well that’s what I thought after I’d left the dentist’s office and surveyed my new tooth. When I was there, it was just gruesome. I kid you not. My dentist took off the temporary crown first. She kind of used a tool like a hammer for the mouth, hammering both sides of the tooth. Then tried to pick it off my gums multiple times, using her fingers, then a pick-ish tool. I think my gums had already started to grow over my temporary crown so they bled and bled. :( :( :(

Then she fit the porcelain crown over my tooth and it was too big, and she had to pick it off multiple times to shave some off the top and refit onto my gums. Really my gums bled and bled the entire time. :( It was NOT fun. And no anesthesia the WHOLE time.

And now my jaw feels very, very sore.

But the tooth looks nice.

And my boyfriend came by to pick me up and we drank some shakes and had a nice meal.

So everything is perfectly okay. :)