Porcelain Crown

No, it’s not as pretty as it sounds.

It means that tomorrow I am going to be sitting in a dentist’s chair, with scary-sharp dental tools on medical carts beside me and my dentist hovering over my vulnerable, open mouth covering my broken molar with a porcelain crown.

From what I gather. ‘Cause my dentist just called me to say, “Come in tomorrow, I’ll give you a porcelain.” ‘Kay, doc.

In truth, if you’ve done a root canal, or a molar tooth extraction, (dunno what’s worse – I just know those were the most painful moments in my life), a simple porcelain crown ain’t nothin’ to worry about.

So. Wish me luck! And here’s to more good eating in 2011. Ha! :)


  1. You shouldn’t be too scared of the dentist, ’cause I tell you – it hurts more if you end up breaking your teeth and can’t find a doctor nearby. TRUST ME, it’s not pretty at all. Perhaps, you should try Sedation dentistry? They like, put you to sleep so that you wouldn’t feel anything during the whole procedure.