Saging Rebosao

I had some saging rebosao for my late night dessert tonight. It wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be. I thought you needed to put the bananas under hand dryers for the sugar to crystallize or something. My mom’s made them for years but I never really bothered to look at how she cooked them, I just ate them, hahaha!

But tonight when I got my craving, my boyfriend offered to cook them for me, and I watched while he cooked so I would know how to make them. Theoretically.

Saging rebosao, or saging rebosado as some people also call them, is caramelized bananas. Super easy to make. Just buy some unripe bananas (if you buy the soft ones they’ll be overly tender and sometimes fall apart during cooking) and peel them. Slice in half vertically. Deep-fry them in hot oil for about 5 minutes, just enough until they’re golden. Take them out and clean the pan. Put a cup of water, and about a cup of sugar too. Stir continuously until the concoction is thick, sticky and syrupy (definitely don’t stop cooking if still watery). Like if you took a spoonful of the mixture, and dropped it back onto the pot, it would fall slowly. If syrupy already, drop the fried bananas into the mix and turn off the fire. Coat the bananas in the mixture repeatedly. Since the syrup will make them stick together, ensure to unstick them with a fork and keep mixing. Until you see the sugar start to crystallize, and when all the sugars are crystallized, you can stop mixing, and start serving! :)

They’re super yummy, and you can find this delicious dessert only in . I kept looking in , and never saw anything like it. :( So I’m loading up on them while I’m still home. :)

Unfortunately I ate them all already, and I forgot to take a picture. :( Next time, I will surely upload some. :)


  1. you can also try frying the bananas while gradually pouring in the sugar. No need to prepare the syrup separately. The oil will melt the sugar but won’t necessarily mix with it, instead it coats the bananas. Easier and faster! :D

  2. what you want to happen is not saging rebosado, but instead banana has a different process and resulted a different taste, of which its yummier and tastier than the banana que that you are referring

  3. whoooah! i really miss this saging rebusao in Zamboanga and Basilan back in the old days when i was still in highschool. hmmmmm? might put up a saging rebusao business here in manila. what ya think?