Dinner at Hana, Little Tokyo

Even if I found diets that work, I don’t think it would do me any good. When I’m with Gim, we can’t help but GORGE ourselves!

Case in point. When Gim came over the week before his exams, for “good luck”, we had dinner out every night, you’d think it was already the aftermath. I don’t know if it actually helped him relax, but I just can’t help but bring him out everywhere since I hardly do anything when I’m by myself here in .

One of our favorite places to go is , a small cluster of Japanese restaurants in Makati, that’s literally a (forceful) stone’s throw away from my place. We like to go to Hana (it means “flower” in Japanese). The is good, the owner is Japanese and the meals are not that expensive.

Here is Gim standing in the walkway leading to Hana.

Then of course me! :)

Here’s the interior. It’s a small enclosure, with about four tables, a room at the end where you can dine while squatting on the floor (which I hate and would never try again because I did that once in and I could hardly walk afterwards, my legs had turned numb), a bar, and you can peek through to the kitchen to see the chef preparing your food. You can also dine al fresco, but this night was a bit humid so we were seeking airconditioning.

Here is what we ordered.

They make the best California maki. This is the last piece. I love that their maki is really big and succulent, my mouth is watering right now! We started eating right upon receiving the food, and I only remembered to take a picture right before we finished it! Haha. I should try to remember my friend Heidee’s photography rule: Camera first, then fork! Hahah, but what to do, I always forget! :)

This is eel. I wanted to try eating eel, just once. It was good! The meat was tender, it had the consistency of fish meat but chewier, if that makes any sense. Not as chewy as pork or chicken though. And the taste was more chicken-y rather than fish-y. But there were some parts that definitely tasted like fish. Overall, it was a good experience. :)

Gim ordered the tried and tested katsudon, which is friend pork mixed with egg. This is a really good dish, and so far the best katsudon I’ve tasted here in Manila is from Hana. :) I was very jealous that it was Gim’s turn to order it. Our rule is never to order two of the same meal in a sitting so I had to order something else, hehe. But that didn’t stop me from stealing some of his dinner!!

What a fun and filling night! :)