Nohay Mas (Nuay Mas by Comic Relief) Translation

comic relief band

This is a song by , a band. Since Maldita just got a music contract, I am hoping Comic Relief will too. Because they have great songs. :)

comic relief band

Here is one of my favorites. It’s entitled, “No Hay Mas.” (Okay, well, the band titled it as Nuay Mas but it’s the wrong spelling. :D So I am just correcting it. Sorry, OC.)

Nuay Mas
Comic Relief

Intro: A-C#m-F#m-D-E
Stanza: A-C#m-F#m-D-E
Chorus: A-C#m-F#m-D-E
Bridge: D-E-C#m-F#m-Bm-C#m-D-E
(repeat chorus)

Hinde ba ya abla ya iyo
Didn’t I tell you already?
No quiere mas iyo contigo
I don’t love you anymore
Cuanto beses necesita abla
How many times do I need to say it?
Sum-ut ya yo man bira-bira
I’m sick and tired of running around in circles

No sabe porque
I don’t know why
Hinde tu ta kre/No quiere tu kre
You don’t believe me/You don’t want to believe me
Manada rason
There are so many reasons
Puede ba entende
I wish you would understand
Di mio amor
My love
Hinay ta perde/Bigla ya perde
Is slowly fading/Has suddenly faded
Etu el rason
You are the reason
Mi corazon ta duele
My heart is hurting

Mira derecho na mi ojos
Look me in the eye
No mas estranja si yo tan lejos
Stop worrying if I walk away
Alegre yo cuando kita pa dos
I was happy when we were together
Pensaba yo llega ta aƱos
I thought we would reach years

Donde ya el amor
Where is the love?
Perdido ya pero porque pa necesita porsa
It’s gone but why do we need to force it?
Hace yo sale na mi pecho
I am taking off my chest
El maga sentimiento
All these feelings
Tiempo ya
It’s about time

Cosa yo ya palta
What did I lack?
Para tu ay rabya
For you to be angry?
Todo’l dia comigo etu ta pelya
Everyday, you argued with me
Mas bueno gaha yo ya lang separta
Perhaps it’s better that I leave first
Para nohay mas ya
So that there is no more…
Nohay mas ya kita
…No more “us”