Japanese Coins

If you’re looking to buy silver coins, I’ve got a whole lot of them!

Just recently, I came back from my 7-day leisure trip to . Shopping around, one tends to accumulate coins. I had intended to use them all up, but in the end I still had about 1 thousand yen’s worth of silver and bronze coins!

They look like the ones below.

The silver ones are the 100 and 50 yen coins, the bronze are 10 and 5 yen coins, and the smallest in the 1 yen coin, though I’m not sure if it’s silver, since it’s very lightweight. There’s another one, the gold coin, which is worth 500 yen, not pictured here.

I also have a 10,000 yen bill and three 1,000 yen bills left. So if anyone is going to Japan anytime soon, I’m selling my yen! :)


  1. please send me information on the picture of coins you have above.  I have all these coins from World War II with me and can’t find out if they are worth anything.  Please email me at redneck_runt@hotmail.com.  Thank you