Enchanted Kingdom- a reprise

It’s been almost two years since I first visited Enchanted Kingdom or EK. Located in the province of Laguna, EK is one of the country’s premier amusement parks. My first visit was fun although I was a tad disappointed then because the famed Space Shuttle was under repair or maintenance. I am loathe to say ‘repair’ as repairs on a roller coaster doesn’t sound that reassuring. Apart from that, it was a really hot, blistering day making us spend virtually the entire afternoon holed up on one of those air conditioned cafes.

This time around though, was a whole lot more comfortable as the weather was drizzly and cool. We were able to spend more time roaming the grounds, and as an added plus, the Space Shuttle was up and running. All in all, it was a fun weekend. Check out these pics.

Me, about to kill a rhino!
Can you spot where I am?
Pretty Flisha about to board the Ride of her life- ZORB BALL!!
The first Attempt...
And suddenly....Blaggosh! In she she goes!
A really stunned Flisha with just her feet sticking up. lol
People are actually in those rolling things!
Help us! Don't worry, Fli, I'm coming!
Yup, all in all, it was a really fun day!


  1. hahahaha that pic of fli is really funny! and i can’t spot you in the roller coaster! :o