Sims Facebook

sims facebook

I’ve never played a Facebook game before – or if I ever did it was probably just a few minutes and I got bored – but now comes the Sims on Facebook!

sims facebook

Sims was my most favorite PC game ever – I believe I played it even more than MMORPGs. The reason being it was never dependent on an Internet connection – and back in the 90s, my Internet connection was almost nothing! I loved playing with my Sims characters – my characters lasted months with me – just growing their skills and letting them buy everything and own so many things (loved the cheats!!) – and yes, watching them have sex with everyone. Hahahah! And sometimes I became evil and killed them. *Bows shamefully*

I even had celebrity Sims. You could download Sim skins from the Internet, so I could play with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. LOL. I also downloaded nude cheats and bought transparent showers. And watched them do the WOO-HOO. Hahaha.

Yes, I loved that game. :) So, if there’s anything that I am going to play on Facebook, it will probably be a Sims application. :) And I bring this up now, because the Sims is really coming to Facebook!! The Facebook application is called The and you can access it here.

I am so excited! Hope there’s a possibility for customization. In the PC games, this was possible because you everything was run from your hard drive so you could just replace skins or create stuff and make them available. But if this is Facebook, they will be storing stuff on their own servers, right? So I am thinking you probably have to make do with whatever they make available.

Still, I am willing to try it just to see if I still find it as fun as all those years ago. :)