TOSH Redeemed- Part 2

So after that bad, bad experience we avoided dining at TOSH. In the meantime I was helping a friend look for the best wedding planning apps.

But then we still had one more voucher worth Php 1000.00. I was all for giving it away. Then we thought of trying other branches to see if we got the same treatment. So we gave TOSH Ali Mall a call. To our surprise, they accepted our reservation for the same day (TOSH Waltermart wouldn’t accept a reservation for the same day even if you called up at 8 in the morning for a reservation in the evening). So off to Ali Mall we went.

On entering, the staff were very cheerful. I dreaded handing over the voucher for fear of a cold treatment but to my genuine pleasure, they didn’t bat an eye. They were still very cheerful, very pleasant. No cool stares, nor was there any change in demeanor. In fact, the manager was very attentive, even offering to look for an outlet for our laptop. When she couldn’t find one near our booth, she offered to hold the next table where an outlet was nearby.

The waiters were very professional, attending to our needs promptly and with a smile. At the end of the meal, the waiter even asked us if there was anything we’d like to add as we still had Php 45.00 left on our Php 1000.00 voucher and suggested 2 pieces of garlic bread to fill in the gap. Now that’s service!

All in all, the wonderful service in TOSH Ali Mall made up for the lousy staff at TOSH Waltermart, Makati. We’d definitely go back to TOSH Ali Mall. Even if we had to commute from our place in Makati. So, TOSH redeemed.


  1. We commuted – and in the pouring rain no less!!! LOL. If that doesn’t show how much we hate TOSH Waltermart Makati – that we would take a two-hour ride versus a 15-minute one, that we would buy a brand-new umbrella and then brave walking, no RUNNING, through the rain just to get to Ali Mall – then I don’t know what is! Hahaha. 

    That day was a lot of fun. :-)