Happy Birthday, Gim!

Right now he’s probably in his lengthy white lab coat, dashing to and fro, attending patient after patient, furiously scribbling on charts, getting tests done, and overall being the busy, busy doctor that he is.

It’s like every single day since he got into the ENT (ear-nose-throat) residency program. Except today is quite special. Today is November 11, 2011. 11-11-11. A binary date. A symmetric date. This day only happens once every century, and given the average human lifespan, well we can say it happens just once in a lifetime. :)

But that’s not what makes it special. What makes it especially special is that today is the day that my beautiful boyfriend was born, 28 years ago!

I just want to say a few words about him. The one and only love of my life. He never stops smiling. He’s always cheerful. Always so sweet. He’s like a puppy, even if you ignore him and even if you scold him and even if you take away his candy and even if you turn away from him, once you look back, he’s all cute and lovely and wanting to please and so willing to forgive, that you can’t hold a grudge on him and you just give up and love him all the more.

Nobody is perfect, and Gim is definitely NOT! (I could list all his flaws but they would be pages long and oh, this is not the day for looking for faults haha!) But he is perfect for ME. He is the everlasting cheer to my sourpuss, he is the ever optimistic to my pessimistic, he is the let’s-get-up-get-it-done-hyper-active to my laidback-let’s-just-stay-in-bed-tive. He’s my polar opposite but also the person most similar to me, who likes everything I like, and who understands me through and through.

He’s the kind of guy that makes you actually believe in love everlasting. Truth be told, I have no idea why he still likes me. Physically and emotionally I’ve changed so much from the carefree young girl he once fell hopelessly in love with. But somehow when he looks at me, he sees me as I see myself. I’ve never met a guy like him. Who meets his first love at the age of eighteen and despite the many other beautiful women who come into his life, keeps loving her day after day? I always wonder and half-expect that someday in the future things won’t be so rosy. But he always looks at me as though I’m crazy for thinking such impossible thoughts and he always takes my insecurities in stride and he never tires of dealing with all my moody and crazy.

The Harlequin novels of old describe men so wonderful and perfect that most of us women grow up wanting – and expecting – the impossible. I’ve since learned those men don’t exist except on paper. But an everlasting love does. And that’s what Gim is, to me.

To my Gim, I love you, always and forever!


  1. Chills!!! My favorite blog of yours so far. :)
    Happy for you and Gim, that you found each other. :)