My Crysanthemums

I’m not living in some big steel building anymore, so I can grow flowers as I please!

My mother came over a several weeks ago and needed some company to go buy orchids. I volunteered my boyfriend. Hey! I’m a working girl. :) And at the time, my boyfriend was temporarily unemployed. He had just resigned from his job as a clinic researcher and had a week’s time to prepare documents so he could go into residency – as he had just been accepted to become an EENT (eye-ear-nose-throat) surgery resident! (Yes! Exciting! Just like Grey’s Anatomy! Without the sex. I hope.)

Anyway. Going back to the orchids. So, Gim went with my mom. Really, she was just looking for someone to carry the orchids and crates for her, so it was much better I sent him. :P When Gim came home, he was bringing me flowers!! And not the cut ones, but potted ones! So thoughtful!!!!! That is why I love him. :P Aside from him being exceedingly cute and smiley. :)

I do love flowers. Cut, potted, hanging, on the ground, on a tree, in between books… lol. I love them, in any shape or form. You couldn’t go wrong giving me flowers. :)

But I especially like flowers I can keep and APPRECIATE for a long, long time!!! I do hate to watch flowers wilt and die. So, potted flowers = perfect!

Funny!! I haven’t even told you what KIND of flowers they were. Well. They were chrysanthemums. Two yellow bushes, and one violet, is what he got me. And the following day he bought me a bag of rich topsoil and a big long pot to put my flowers in. Wonderful!

So here they are, my glorious flowers!


  1. This is my birth month’s flower.. :) They are so purdy and nice! I just wish I have a green thumb to keep potted ones like these alive. LOL