Breaking Dawn Part 2 Sneak Peek [Target Exclusive]

Target exclusively revealed the first sneak peek of part 2. That last bit of part 1 was really exciting. Can’t wait to see part 2!!!

The good part starts at 4:21. Enjoy!

My thoughts… Aww what a short clip.

Hmm, I expected more “steel” from Bella the vampire… doesn’t look like she changed much. Wasn’t she supposed to become more gorgeous, and controlled? Except, well I guess they couldn’t butter her up significantly since they already did that the last 4 movies. Bummer.

I wish we could have seen clips of her fighting with the other vampires. The part were they practice with the werewolves prior to the big battle.

The word is, Breaking Dawn part 2 is going to be out sooner than Hunger Games. What if they went head to head? Who do you think will win? :)