Landscaping Art in Baguio

A wonderful thing about living in , aside from the soothing cool climate, is the abundance of . They grow everywhere, anywhere, in ! Even the weeds sprout flowers, amazingly!

That’s why I don’t counter who says isn’t really the “City of Flowers” anymore – because I can see plainly that if there was ever a Philippine city that deserved this title, it would be Baguio. However, that city is already called “The Summer Capital of the Philippines”, and rightly so.

Anyway, my friends and I were there for a couple of days last week and there was a competition so I took some photos.

La Union Baguio Landscaping

Here is the winner, from a landscaping team from La Union (it was an open competition). More photos:



The next photo didn’t win but garnered an honorable mention. I really liked it too, although the styles are a bit similar, just that the winner was more grandiose with the gazebo plus waterfalls. But I liked the garden setup of this one much better.


I would LOVE to have gardens like those in my future home. But alas, I don’t think the flowers would thrive. Sad smile

A friend of mine told me that a square meter of land in Baguio costs ten thousand pesos. Whoaaaa!!! Oh well. I wasn’t really considering on someday living there, but if I ever want to stay somewhere cool, maybe I will go look at neighboring Benguet instead! Fingers crossed