I Hate Going To The Dentist But I Have To

I just wanted to write about my wisdom tooth extraction. So I don’t forget this experience. …in case I need to get my upper wisdom teeth extracted too.

It will be in stages because I tend to ramble on and on when talking about myself.

In fact, this post was supposed to be entitled “Wisdom Tooth Extraction” then I find myself paragraphs on and I STILL have not got to the point. So I came back to change the title and explain why I changed it. LOL.


So, about a month ago, my right wisdom tooth began to hurt. I had been mainly using the right part of my mouth to chew , because four months ago I got a porcelain crown placed on one of my left molars and it was hard to chew, because when I put pressure on it, the crown would cut down on my gums and make them bleed. So I shifted chewing to the right part and shortly after a part of my wisdom tooth broke and it got a cavity and ever since it started to hurt.

OK – you get the idea, I haven’t got the greatest set of teeth on me. (My poor future children, I only hope they get their father’s strong set of teeth & eyes but of course my porcelain skin and good looks LOL!!!)

Problem was, I was scared to go to the . I always have been, because my whole childhood has been peppered with these dental visits and the was always doing something painful to me, like extracting my teeth or giving me a root canal or filling my teeth. Even the least painful, the teeth cleaning, made my gums bleed.

Yes I have a record at my dentist’s place and it’s pages long!

My worst experience at my dentist’s was the extraction of one of my right molars. She told me it couldn’t be saved and had to be extracted.

All the other extractions had been pretty easy. And there was hardly any recovery time. But I didn’t realize that a permanent tooth extraction was going to HURT LIKE HELL and LEAVE A GODDAM HOLE IN MY JAW that would take MONTHS to HEAL!!!!

Yeah. She never told me that.

The extraction part was horrible. It seemed like she was sawing out my gums for the longest time, then during the extraction part, a nurse was holding my head down while my dentist kept pulling and pulling at my tooth, left and right, pulling and pulling for what seemed like an hour almost!!!

At that very moment, I remember thinking, I am the earth, there is a building on me, and this must be how it feels like when a building is pulled from the earth. It’s so heavy and so built into the earth that pulling it results in an earthquake. Yes, I felt like there was an earthquake in my mouth.

Never mind that my logic did not make any sense. At the time I didn’t know that buildings didn’t get cleanly extracted from the earth, that they were instead imploded from within. (I would learn that later on, after watching videos of 9/11.)

SO YEAH, the extraction part hurt. Not to mention the recovery part. My dentist had left a gaping hole in my jaw and it would be several months before the hole closed up, which meant months of bits of food getting stuck in the hole, me not knowing how to remove it because I was afraid to touch the wound with my tongue, and sometimes swishing water around my mouth wouldn’t help. Sometimes I had to twist my head upside down AND swish water around my mouth. YEAH. It was horrible.

I am only glad that I can no longer remember the time I got a root canal. I remember it hurt SO BAD, I think even worse than the permanent tooth extraction. But only during the procedure. There was no wound after, so no healing needed.

I think my brain has blocked off that part of my life from my memories since it hurt too much.

I’m very sensitive, so I get hurt easily, so I think that’s why my memory is really bad. LOL!!!

Anyway… I think I need to make another post for the wisdom tooth extraction part. This post just established the fact that I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST.