My Blackberry 9900

I miss those days of living in my uncle’s house and opening our ref to find candy just lying inside for the taking. Nowadays (that I live by myself and must spend my own money) when I open my ref I usually see mostly Coke, water and little else!

Chalk it up to having NO FUNDS to buy . Or rather, whatever funds I have, I channel it into buying gadgets and gizmos instead of things that have an expiration date.

It’s a trade off.

My latest acquisition is this 9900 unit.


It’s sleek and slim and gorgeous, and the keypad is a dream!

For six months I had been texting on an onscreen keyboard which I hated, because my fingers could not adjust to the lack of tangible feel, and I would always mistype over and over. Plus, the Samsung keyboard did not have the fastest response time. Combine those two resulted me texting less and less over the last year.

Now that I have my Blackberry, texting is so easy! My fingers adapted to the QWERTY keypad in just a few days, and now I don’t even have to look at the keypad to type.

The BB 9900 screen is touchscreen, which just makes it icing on top of the cake.

So yes, I will take my gizmo over rice – for this month. :-)