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Proboscis Tour

Posted on 29 December 2012 by Flisha

Today, Gim and I are going on a tour of Mt Kinabalu. We’ll be looking at fireflies and proboscis monkeys. (No marmots though.)

The proboscis monkey has a bit fat nose! Gim is pretty excited to see those! :)


But me, I have never in my life seen fireflies. And to me they are like magical creatures that appear in fairy tales. So I am SOOO excited to see them!! :) I hope I can capture them in my camera so I can show you another time. :)

We are in Kota Kinabalu right now. Mt Kinabalu is one of the major sights here. However we are not going to do a trek up the mountain, we will just be at the base, or at Mt Kinabalu park.

We will also have a sunset cruise with dinner. Total package for the tour is 195 RM per person or about 2600 Php. Kinda steep but hey, we are on vacation. :)

So, very excited for later!! :)


Loving Grilled

Posted on 28 December 2012 by Flisha

I ate at Bubba Gump some time ago and really liked their grilled baby back ribs. I live in a condo so I can’t grill but I wish I could and I’d buy maybe saber grills and cook some barbecue in our balcony.

But there are all sorts of rules to living in a condo. Like you can’t use the balcony for laundry, or as a kitchen, or storage. Basically all you can do there is stand and look out over the city. What a waste of space, I think.

In the meantime if I want to eat grilled food, there is always restaurants around Makati. Another favorite is Friday’s. Gerry’s too. I love grilled! :)



The Palace Hotel in Kota Kinabalu

Posted on 28 December 2012 by Flisha

Doesn’t this look like a place you could just relax and puff famous cigars on?


Right now, I’m relaxing at a room in The Palace Hotel in Kota Kinabalu. It’s a tiny hotel located on a hill, but just near to the city and the shopping malls. Though if you spoke to the people around here, they would say this place is quite far from the city and inaccessible as you have to call a taxi to get to the major shopping malls. But the next shopping mall is a 5 minute walk from the hotel! I don’t need a taxi for ride that is maybe a minute and a half. Hahaha! Maybe because KK is really small, so people think this is far already. But in Metro Manila, a 5 minute walk is already very near!

Anyway, the location is pretty good. Our first room was in the basement, the “standard room”. Don’t book this room. It’s old and dirty and smells musty, and the wifi doesn’t reach the basement, plus no windows. The staff told me that the hotel doesn’t even book those rooms but Agoda pressured them so that the hotel could be “priced competitively”. Well I feel we were duped. We reluctantly upgraded to a “superior room” which is basically just the same but cleaner and has wifi, for an additional 175 RM.

Anyway I will tell you more in the next few days!


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Beautifully Lined Trees of Nami Island

Posted on 15 December 2012 by Flisha

Just a pretty post of trees. :)

I visited Seoul, Korea two months ago and spent a day in Nami Island. Such a gorgeous place, with so many different kinds of trees, all with their own spots in the island.

I would love to go back someday.

Nami Island Trees


Health and Fitness

Posted on 15 December 2012 by Flisha

I’ve really let myself go lately. And by that I mean I haven’t gone to the gym in a month! I’ve just been LOOKING at fitness related items to buy online (like you can find foam yoga blocks here).

Shameless, right?! And I keep forking over a ton of money to my gym when I could be using it for buying clothes! Or furniture for my new apartment!

In more positive news, I’ve been able to (sort of) turn around my eating habits. I’ve eschewed rice from my diet. Not completely. Of course, I can’t help but to eat rice when I order fast food from McDonalds or KFC (just to name my two favorite outlets!) which happens more often than I prefer. However I have stopped stocking or cooking rice at home.

What do I eat with my meals then? Well, I’ve replaced it with lettuce! :) It fills me up just like rice, but without the carbohydrates! And it provides me with a lot of fiber, which makes for a very stress-free tummy.


I normally shop for lettuce in Rustan’s Supermarket, since their stock is always fresh. Other times, when I am in a rush, I shop at Landmark Grocery, since it’s nearer to me, but the quality is not as good.

Another health related change I’ve made is to stop drinking any carbonated drinks. I have just found out that it gives me hyper acidity. I’ve been having stomach pains for several years, but I always thought it was because I ate too much. It turns out that it was the softdrinks! Now that I am no longer drinking cola (since even just a glassful triggers the hyper acidity), I can eat as much as I like and not feel any stomach pain! What a relief. :)


I dropped a few pounds when I started the 2 changes. But I think now my body has adjusted and promptly brought back my previous weight! LOL!

So here I am back again thinking of exercise.



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