Proboscis Tour

Today, Gim and I are going on a tour of Mt Kinabalu. We’ll be looking at fireflies and proboscis monkeys. (No marmots though.)

The proboscis monkey has a bit fat nose! Gim is pretty excited to see those! :)


But me, I have never in my life seen fireflies. And to me they are like magical creatures that appear in fairy tales. So I am SOOO excited to see them!! :) I hope I can capture them in my camera so I can show you another time. :)

We are in Kota Kinabalu right now. Mt Kinabalu is one of the major sights here. However we are not going to do a trek up the mountain, we will just be at the base, or at Mt Kinabalu park.

We will also have a sunset cruise with dinner. Total package for the tour is 195 RM per person or about 2600 Php. Kinda steep but hey, we are on vacation. :)

So, very excited for later!! :)