Midnight Fun

Owww my heel hurts from walking in my Skechers Shape-Ups. Gotta find some comfy orthaheel here to ease up on my soles.

Gim and I had an interesting night. He came home early (6pm instead of the usual 9 or 10pm) and since he was feeling tired and groggy from the flu, I fed him some Tocino (something like sweet ham) and then let him get some bed rest. Five hours later, he woke up hungry but well rested. I let him eat the Mcdonalds burger I had ordered while he was sleeping.

After that, he was itching to go out and watch a movie. Confession here: I am not a movie buff. In fact, I pretty much hate to sit in a theater for two hours (or worse!) watching a movie. Not that movies aren’t entertaining for me. I just don’t like having to sit there and have nothing else to do but look at the screen for such a length of time. I have a short attention span. I like getting distracted in the middle of things and shifting from one thing to the next. Blame it on the Internet?

Anyway, so I suggested why not just have a walk around? Better yet, jog! We live in Makati, there are lots of parks around. Plus, the weather is really wonderful these days. It’s cool and perfect for outdoor activities. :) This was 11 pm and he agreed! Hahah!

So we went out and found an empty parking lot nearby and did some stretching, some kicking, some running, and a lot of walking. It was lots of fun and now we’re thinking rollerblading, bicycling, rope skipping! Hope the weather holds. Summer, don’t you come too soon! :)

legazpi park